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Travel in Latin America

Tips for Safe Travel to Cabo San Lucas
By:Wendy Rose Gould

Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination in Los Cabos, Mexico. While the area is considered safe in well-traversed areas, there are naturally some safety precautions that all visitors should heed in order to keep themselves safe from natural and crime-based dangers.

There is not a high amount of crime that takes place in Cabo San Lucas, largely because it is a tourist destination. The most common crimes are petty crimes that include pickpocketing and stealing. To avoid getting your belongings stolen or pockets picked, do not flash large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry/merchandise, and keep your possessions with you at all times. Naturally, all visitors should not engage in any illegal activities, including drug trafficking, prostitution or stealing.

Tap water in Cabo San Lucas should not be consumed by foreigners. Drinking or consuming un-purified water from the faucet can result in traveler's diarrhea. Avoid any fruits or vegetables that cannot be peeled, do not have ice with your beverage, close your mouth when showering, use bottled water for brushing teeth and drink only sealed, bottled water.

A popular pastime in Cabo San Lucas is swimming. While most areas are completely safe, note that some locations are not. The beaches located on the Pacific coast can be especially dangerous, especially if no lifeguard is present. The safest beaches to visit are Medano Beach and the bay side of Lover's Beach. Always have a swim buddy, and stay close to the shore.

Emergency Numbers
The following phone numbers should be called in the case of emergency. Use each number for the corresponding event. Police: 14-30057; Police station: 14-30296; Hospital/Red Cross: 14-33300; Fire: 14-20361; Fire station: 14-31183.

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