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Travel in Latin America

Safety Travel Issues in Cabo San Lucas
By:Kelly Taylor

Cabo San Lucas is a tourist destination in Mexico that has miles of white, sandy beaches, plentiful shopping and nightclubs for those who wish to party. Unfortunately, it has attained a reputation for crime, drug trafficking and health hazards. As with any vacation spot, it's best to know what is and isn't safe, so you, your family and friends can have an enjoyable holiday.

Cabo San Lucas is located on the southern tip of the Mexican Baja peninsula.

Most of the accidents that happen on Cabo San Lucas take place at the beach. General safety tips, according to tripadvisor.com, include: Don't swim out further than you can swim back; don't swim alone; keep an eye open for changing weather; and don't drink alcohol before or during water activities.

Be sure to check that the restaurant or hotel is using purified water or that they are getting their ice from a reputable source. If unsure, drink bottled water.

Expert Insight
Pete Thomas, a blogger from the Los Angeles Times, states this about drug trafficking: "Cabo San Lucas might be one of only a few destinations in Mexico that has not been too adversely affected by the drug-war hysterics."

Those partying at night should not go out alone or accept drinks from strangers. Drinks shouldn't be left alone and you should always have some form of identification on hand.

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