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How to Find an ESL Job in Latin America

The market for ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers in Latin America is extremely active. Becoming an ESL teacher is a wonderful way to see the world and when armed with a few important tips, finding the ESL job of your dream in Latin America, should be a relatively simple task. Read on to learn how to find an ESL job in Latin America.

Decided upon the level of TEFL, (Teaching English as a Foreign Language,) training you would like. Some employers will demand that an ESL teacher has a BS or MS in TEFL, while others will only require English to be the teacher's native language. It is recommended that you have some form of TEFL certificate in order to have a wider selection of jobs available to you.

Travel to Latin America and seek a job in the location that you would prefer to teach ESL. Many people try to find a job online, which tends to be successful for those seeking work in Europe and Asia, however in Latin America you must present yourself personally at the prospective job site. There is a constant demand for English teachers in the larger cities of Latin America with companies, high schools, universities and language institutes. Take the plunge and visit these places, if you are adamant, you will find work.

Visit language schools in the area that you would like to teach. Novice teachers are likely to find work in these small and numerous institutes, which will often provide further training, as well as invaluable experience. When you arrive in your city of choice, check local newspapers and telephone directories and take your resume to these language institutes. Nine times out of ten they will be looking for ESL teachers.

Find an ESL job in Latin America with an American-style bilingual high school. These institutes generally require state-accreditation, however they will often hire university graduates to work as classroom assistants regardless of training. Again, visit high schools with your resume and you will surely find work quickly and easily. Remember that Latin American high schools are more formal than American high schools, so dress formally for your impromptu interview.

Volunteer with an international exchange organization that organizes English tutoring in a number of Latin American countries. Many language schools will begin to pay ESL teachers after they have completed their volunteer time.

Place an ad in a local newspaper and begin your own private classes. Hourly rates can vary, usually beginning around $3 an hour. This may not seem like much, but the cost of living in much of Latin America is far more inexpensive than the United States.

Find an ESL job by looking for job postings at English language bookstores. Language institutes and high schools actively looking for ESL teachers often leave postings on bulletin boards or inform bookstore employees of available work.

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