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Climbing and Hiking in Brazil

Many people immediately think of Brazil's warm and sunny beaches when planning a trip to the country. However, there are also much more adventurous and action-packed ways to experience your visit to Brazil besides simply sunning yourself on one of the country's many beautiful beaches. Hiking, climbing, surfing, rafting and diving are also popular activities for many tourists planning trips to this beautiful country. If you’re planning to travel to Brazil in the not-too-distant future, here are some activities you might want to enjoy during your visit.


Hiking and trekking are very popular activities in Brazil for local residents and visitors alike. However, it's important to keep in mind that the summer weather in Brazil can be quite warm and humid, particularly during the summer months. As such, if you've got hiking in mind, you'll probably want to plan your trip during the cooler months of the year. As a general rule, the weather between the months of October and April is preferable for a hiking or trekking vacation.

You'll find plenty of hiking and trekking options in Brazil. You can choose either the beautiful coastline scenery or the intriguing jungle areas of the inner areas of the country, depending on your personal hiking preferences. Brazil features many national parks, which offer spectacularly beautiful scenery. If your focus is on enjoying the scenery, the national parks of Veadeiros or Chapada Diamantina would be good choices, among many others. However, if your primary focus is on the actual experience of hiking, you might want to try Serra de Sao Jose or Marumbi. If you're undecided as to the best hiking location, contact one of the many local hiking groups. They will be happy to provide you with information and advice in regards to hiking options in Brazil.


Whether you are a beginning rock climber or a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of interesting options in Brazil. In fact, the country features numerous cliff faces, many of which are still waiting to be explored by climbers. Whether you're simply looking for an enjoyable afternoon climb, or you're seeking a serious challenge, you'll find just what you're looking for in Brazil. If you'd like to combine rock climbing with a bit of "beach time," try the area near Rio de Janeiro. If mountain climbing is your passion, you should definitely plan a climbing trip to Sugarloaf Mountain during your visit.

As is the case with hiking or trekking, the hot and humid climate can be a formidable foe when climbing in Brazil. As such, it is generally advisable to plan a climbing trip during one of the country's cooler months. Of course, if you really enjoy climbing during sauna-like weather, Brazil's rock climbing ranges and cliff faces are available to enjoy even during the hot summer months. When in doubt as to the location of the best climbing ranges, it's best to consult the locals. You'll find plenty of local climbing groups that will be more than happy to offer advice. In most cases, these groups will have at least a few English-speaking members, so communication shouldn't be a problem.

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