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Most delicious Restaurants in Buenos Aires
By:Travel Expert

You love pizza, pasta, beef, and empanadas. Ham and cheese is your new peanut butter and jelly. But you came to Buenos Aires because you love adventure, and your taste buds are no exception. Taste is one of our five senses, so why not treat yourself once in a while to the spice and exciting flavors available at some of Buenos Aires' best ethnic restaurants?

Best Peruvian Restaurants in Bueno Aires
Peruvian food has been gaining traction in Buenos Aires with the increase in Peruvian immigration that began in the 1990s. According to Guía Oleo, there are now more than 130 Peruvian restaurants in Buenos Aires. Although the unavailability of the variety of tropical fruits and seafood common in Perú make some dishes impossible to replicate, Peruvian chefs in Buenos Aires convey their passion for delicious, flavorful food with exquisite preparations of traditional dishes such as ají de gallina, pollo a las brasas, causas, and even ceviche. Depending on your mood, try one of these restaurants for excellent, inexpensive Peruvian food:

Bueno Aires' Best Peruvian Restaurant #1
Carlitos-Dinner at a quiet, upscale restaurant is always relaxing, but sometimes you just want to follow the crowd for some cheap, no-frills, delicious food. You will not be disappointed at Carlito's in Abasto, the Peruvian restaurant epicenter. Join Buenos Aires' Peruvian community for big plates of classic dishes such as the Chinese-influenced chow fan (fried rice), tallarines verdes con pollo (noodles in a pesto/cilantro sauce with a chicken), pollo broaster (fried chicken!), and the house specialty, pollo a las brasas (rotisserie chicken served with crunchy french fries and salad). Most dishes cost $25 pesos or less, and there's a bottle of house-made spicy sauce on every table for picante fiends.

Best Peruvian Restaurant in Buenos Aires #2
Chan Chan-If Carlito's is a great place to crowd around a table with some friends and a beer, Chan Chan is the type of restaurant that you could take a date and share a bottle of wine. Pollo a las brasas isn't even on the menu here, but there are plenty of other delicious options, including an ample fish and seafood selection. Aji de gallina (chicken served in a mildly spicy, creamy sauce) is especially tasty here as well as seco de carne (slow cooked beef) and lomo saltado (strips of beef stir fried with peppers, onions, and french fries). The restaurant is cute from the small, cozy dining room, to the care taken in plating the food. The best part—like Carlito's, non-seafood dishes rarely top $25 pesos. Arrive early if you don't want to wait long for a table.

Best African Food in Bueno Aires
El Buen Sabor-One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires, El Buen Sabor serves Cameroonian food in an unpretentious Villa Crespo location. The descriptions on the menu may be simple, but every dish is bursting with flavor. El Buen Sabor offers chicken or fish in peanut sauce, a delicious meat slow-cooked in an acelga sauce, a hearty bean, meat, and potato preparation, and grilled fish. The plátanos are sweet and portions are abundant. Definitely recommended. Arrive early to avoid a long wait.

Best Falafel and Schwarma
In my opinion, there's no better grab-and-go food than the falafel sandwich. Chewy pita, crunchy falafel, crispy lettuce, and tangy sauce...the textures and flavors exist in perfect harmony. In Buenos Aires, however, the falafel stand has not gained ubiquity amongst the hot dog stands and empanada deliveries. Those craving a falafel fix may find it hard to satisfy, but if you are in Palermo, there are two small storefronts, and one Lebanese restaurant that will scratch your itch.

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