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Choco Mexicano
By:Pollux Parker

A variety of flavors, wonderful arrangement, and native spices characterize the Mexican cuisine. Chocolate is a huge part of Mexican dishes. It originated in the Aztec cuisine and was first part of a meal in the form of a drink. Xocoatl as chocolate was first called, was flavored with vanilla, chili pepper, and achiote. It was a sign of luxury in the early civilizations and the cocoa beans are used as currency. Today, chocolate is both used as an ingredient in Mexican dishes and the Mexican hot chocolate and champurrados. It is considered as a standard dessert and snack for many people. Chocolate began in Mexico and therefore, considered to be the best and all-time favorite. Here are the best brands of chocolate known in Mexico and all around the world:

Abuelita Chocolate

The most popular Mexican chocolate made by Nestle - it has that comforting chocolaty taste. It has a homemade flavor laced with cinnamon and sugar. This chocolate is truly a satisfying drink.


This chocolate is perfect for children of all ages and also for adults. It has three flavors combining a taste with delicious and unique quality. It is unique because of the diversity of flavors.

Carlos V Chocolate

This is another product of Nestle, which is a pack of 96 chocolate bars. It comes in three varieties, all of which are mouthwatering and sinfully appealing that you cannot stop eating them. The taste is fitted for royalty, thus it is named Carlos V.


This is for those who have the sweet tooth. The different types could satisfy your cravings for chocolate on the spot. The Nutresa coins are individually wrapped and a good snack. Nutresa Creminos are pralines made with cocoa and hazelnut.

Chocolate Ibarra

This is a chocolate drink that can please even the most delicate chocolate lovers. It has a rich taste, the best chocolate flavor, and brings a warm cozy feeling. It is a blend of aroma and elegance.

Pollux Parker is an adventurer who loves discovering secret island getaways in each country he visits. Pollux also likes to collect Mexico flag and buy Mexico flag http://www.republic-flag.com/mexican-flag.html.

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