English schools in Latin America

Peru - Pimentel / Chiclayo
School:Academia Superior de Idiomas <[email protected]>

We were founded back in 1988 in Quito (Ecuador) as a Spanish school for foreigners. Today we are the oldest still existing Spanisch school in Quito. We were always driven by the idea of offering more and better experiences. Lot's of programs that you find in Spanish schools in Quito today, like classes in the jungle, classes during a stay with a indigenous family or even classes on Galapagos, originally have been invented by us. About 15 years ago we were the first ones to open a real Spanish school in the Galapagos Islands. Travelling classrooms, where you are actually travelling the country side by side with your teacher, are still only offered by us. We have always been and still are the ones setting the pace of innovation regarding as well teaching methodology as well cultural immersion.

That's why we recently started our English program in Chiclayo (Peru), our newest location. Continuing our efforts to help people with less posibilities than ourselves, we als offer free classes for local kids. Stay tuned what we will do next.

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