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By:Pat Jackson

If you want to know how to learn Spanish words and phrases online fast and easy, I have made an interesting observation about the Spanish language that I want to share with you. In Spanish, you can add the ending "ada" or "azo" to the name of a body part to describe a "blow" or "strike" to that body part. Or in some cases, a "blow" or "strike" using that body part.

Here are few examples:

puñetazo -- punch
puño -- fist

palmada - slap
palma - palm

nalagada -- spanking
nalga -- buttocks

patada -- kick
pata -- foot of an animal ("pie" refers to the foot of a human)

codazo -- a strike or blow using the elbow
codo -- elbow

rodillazo -- a strike or blow using the knee
rodilla -- the knee

cachetada -- slap or smack to the cheeks using the back of the hand
cachetes -- cheeks

"Cachetes" is more of a Colombian word. In other parts of Latin America you are more likely to hear "mejillas" for cheeks. But in most parts of Latin America, they are familiar with the word "cachetada."

Here's another one:

calbazo -- smack to the head
cabeza -- head

Calbazo is a "paisa" term. That is, a term that you will only hear used in Medellin, Colombia.

I saw a funny video on YouTube titled "Calbazo" with a Colombian school kid giving his unsuspecting friend a "calbazo" to the back of his "cabeza."

Well I guess whether or not you'll find it funny really depends on your "sentido del humor" (sense of humor). By the way, in some cases you can even add "ada" to the name of an object to to describe a "blow" or "strike" using that object.

Por ejemplo (for example),

puñalada -- stab or stab wound
puñal -- dagger or knife

I just thought that how the ending "ada" or "azo" is used in the Spanish language was something interesting that I'd like to share with you.

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