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Learn French Part 2 - 5 More Tips
By:Josette Martin

Part 1 suggested five tips: a notebook, daily practice, pronunciation, exposure, the right class and the right teacher for you. Here are five more tips (6-10) which will help you progress in your learning of French.

6 Notice your progress, get excited about new things you learn and about using the language. Celebrate your progress ( give yourself some proud "bravo"," très bien", "excellent!"comments); be aware of moving forward with your learning.

7 Be patient with yourself: learning a language is a two steps forward, one step back endeavor. You will learn new things, become comfortable with words and structures then you will probably slip back and forget part of what you learned: this in normal and it is part of the learning process. Keep practicing, reviewing, learning new things and using old and new material and be patient with yourself.

8 Get motivated, find what goes well and do more of it; find what doesn't go as well and practice it with a smile. Discuss your interests with your teacher. Ask your teacher to cover topics and themes that interest you. Find articles, video clips related to your interests and watch them. Find people who are interested in similar topics and speak with them.

9 Work with the language regularly and consistently. Set aside some time everyday. Practice and study more on some days if you can. Do extra things as often as you can: watch a French film in its original version (highly recommended), listen to French songs, listen to a song and read the lyrics, then sing along. Read a French newspaper, watch the French news online or on television if you can...

10 Make French real for you: a language needs to be used in everyday situations. Talk to yourself, talk to your mirror, talk to the people around you, talk to your pets. Talk aloud, listen to yourself, repeat, try again, record yourself, be critical but notice how good you sound! Have fun with the language. When you are shopping ask yourself the names of the items you need or see. Add quantities and practice numbers. If you can't say it out loud because you are in a store think it loudly in your head. Make it a habit to name objects around you, to talk about what you are doing, what you see in French. Keep it simple, but challenge yourself to communicate what you see and what you do.Can't think of a word? Explain it rather than name it (for instance: you don't know the word for pineapple? Explain: c'est un fruit; à Hawaii; brun, jaune, vert, delicieux. If you were speaking with a French person he or she would guess from the description and tell you " un ananas") .

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