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English: 10 4-Letter Words You Need In Your Vocabulary
By:Susan Carroll

When you were growing up did your parents teach you not to use 4-letter words?

Mine sure did.

Oh, they didn't mean "all" 4-letter words, just a select few but those were a real no-no in my house.

Well, today I am going to list 10 4-letter words that you should not only be using but should be living if you want your online business to succeed.


Work - "sustained physical or mental effort to overcome obstacles and achieve an objective or result"

While this is a word we would all like to get out of our vocabulary it's 1 that we can't avoid - especially when you're first starting your online business.

There are no true "get rich" schemes or programs although there are many that make that offer. And it's true that someone does "get rich" with them - the ones who "worked" to set them up!


Time - " the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues"

While we would all like less "work", we would like to have more "time" - there's just never enough of it!

But in online businesses there is no such thing as "instant". Yes, there are those who promise "instant" results but the truth is - it takes "time" (sometimes a lot of it) to achieve those "instant" results.


Plan - "a method for achieving an end"

Unfortunately, most people who start online business don't understand what a "plan" is or how to create one. We are all so busy learning and trying new things that we forget we need to map out the steps we need to take to build a successful online business.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, there are many ways to build a successful online business. The trick is identifying the 1 that will work for your business and then staying with it until you succeed.


Give - "to put into the possession of another for his or her use"

Most of us have heard the saying, "It's better to give than receive." And it's true!

To be a successful online business person we must continually give the best we have to offer. We must "give" quality information, products or services to prove our worth to potential customers. And if we provide something worthy of being shared, we can have our gift spread the word about our business (also known as viral marketing).


Sell - "to deliver something to another for money"

Most people don't like to "sell" things. In fact, many of us have been taught to be wary of salespeople.

It's because we don't want to "sell" that there are programs promising "no selling required." But before you leap to 1 of those offers, stop and think about it. If no one has to sell anything how can money be made?

The sad fact is, you have to "sell" something to make money online. When you recommend products or services, when you make suggestions, when you negotiate partnerships, you're selling. So if your online business is to succeed, you must learn to sell!


Help - "to change for the better"

Helping others is what it's all about!

While a successful online business must sell things it must also provide information, products or services that "help" others. If you're not truly trying to "help" others those who get what you're offering will soon realize you're just trying to make a buck by selling them things.


Free - "not costing or charging anything"

While I like "free" as much as anybody I'll tell you right now that there's not much on the internet that's really "free"!

We can get "free" websites, ebooks, reports, autoresponders, hosting, traffic, etc all without paying money for them. But we usually do have to give something in return - our email information.

Because most people think of "free" as not costing money we can offer "free" items in exchange for their email address. And getting a list of those who accept "free" items is 1 of the basic building blocks for a successful online business.


List - "a series of email addresses to whom you have permission to send email "

If you haven't heard, "the money is in the list", then let me be the first to tell you.

However, while there may be money in the list of those who've accepted your offer of a "free" gift, the successful online business person is collecting the emails of those who've made purchases because that's the "list" that produces all those "see how much I made" results.


Cost - "the amount or equivalent paid or charged for something"

Have you noticed how everything seems to be getting more and more expensive? With the rise of gas prices we know why physical products are becoming more expensive but it seems to be affecting the cost of digital products too.

True, there are many that equate high prices with quality and that's 1 of the reasons people charge for their products. (Of course they want to make money too.) The important thing to remember is that you must provide enough quality in your product that people will feel that they've received more than they've paid for and you must keep the price at a level where you'll make the most sales.


Cash -"money or its equivalent (as a check) paid for goods or services at the time of purchase or delivery"

This is what most online business people are working so hard to get. And believe me, it's getting harder all the time otherwise there wouldn't be so many "big names" promoting each others products and so many articles being written about why you have to "buy things" to make money.

However, while you are working to make some "cash" you have to remember what many have forgotten. You first have to have something that will "help" others and then "sell" it at a "cost" they can afford.


As you go out and build your online business you need to remember all 10 of these 4-letter words and what they mean. All of them are important and all of them are a vital part of every successful business.

Susan Carroll

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