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Mini Spanish Course Lesson 3 of 20
By:Perriann Rodriguez

Learning Spanish can be easy if you schedule regular, daily time to practice the words out loud and memorize them. If you follow the sounds of the words listed below, your pronunciation will be very close to the actual Spanish words.

To truly learn Spanish, it is recommended that you listen to people speaking Spanish on the radio or television. Also, there are audio and DVD Spanish courses that you can order online and learn Spanish on your computer, in your car or in your home. For a list of these courses, visit the links at the bottom of this article.

In Lesson 1, we covered the numbers 1-10. The numbers 11-21 are just a little bit different. Notice that there are separate words for 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. The numbers 16 through 19 are ten plus 6, 7, 8 and 9.

After you reach the number 20, all of the numbers have the word “y”, which means “and” between them. For example “twenty AND one” is veinte y uno. See pronunciations below.

Eleven, once (ohn-say)

Twelve, doce (doh-say)

Thirteen, trece (tray-say)

Fourteen, catorce (kah-tor-say)

Fifteen, quince (keen-say)

Sixteen, diez y seis (dyays-ay-sayees)

Seventeen, diez y siete (dyays-ay-syay-tay)

Eighteen, diez y ocho (dyays-ay-ocho)

Nineteen, diez y nueve (dyays-ay-nway-vay)

Twenty, veinte (vayeen-tay)

Twenty one, veinte y uno, (vayeen-tay ee oo-noh)

Twenty two, veinte y dos

Twenty three, veinte y tres

Twenty four, veinte y cuatro

Twenty five, veinte y cinco

Twenty six, veinte y seis

Twenty seven, veinte y siete

Twenty eight, veinte y ocho

Twenty nine, veinte y nueve

Thirty, treinta (trayeen-tah)

Practice these words daily, repeating at least 3 times each. Repetition is the secret to learning a language quickly.

Perriann Rodriguez is the founder of http://www.learnESPANOLfree.com an online resource center for learning Spanish fast and free. Read reviews on highly rated Spanish courses and online learning programs. 'Apprenda Espanol Rapidemente' at Learn ESPANOL Free!

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