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Learn To Talk Filipino (lesson)
By:VMT Singuillo

Are you travelling to Asia? If you are travelling to the Philippines in particular, would you like to learn some basic spoken Filipino?

Here is just a little information about the form of communication in the Philippines. The Filipino people have many different dialects or languages, yet the national language is Pilipino, which is also called Tagalog. However, if you don't know how to speak the language, there is nothing for you to worry.

Majority of Filipinos speak English fluently. Although, their English have an accent, nevertheless, it is understood and spoken in all the islands of the PHilippines. The national language is also understood all over the country.

You might wonder, why can Filipinos speak English? English is the main form of communication in the Philippine educational system. It is the main communication language used in business transactions both in the private and the public sector of the society.

As a matter of fact, it is estimated that there are more Filipinos who are college graduates than the Americans. This is because Filipinos value education a lot.

Now, here are some basic phrases worth learning. The phrases will first be written in English, followed by the Tagalog language of that phrase:

1. Good morning.- Magandang umaga po.

2. Good afternoon.- Magandang hapon po.

3. Good evening.- Magandang gabi po.

4. Thank you.- Salamat po.

5. I am hungry.- Ako ay nagugutom.

6. I am thirsty.- Ako ay nauuhaw.

7. What is your name?- Anong po'ng pangalan nyo?

8. Who are you?- Sino po kayo?

9. You are handsome.- Ang gwapo nyo.

10. You are beautiful.- Ang ganda nyo.

The word "po" is often included in the sentence as a form of respect to the person you are talking to.

Well, good luck to your Philippine travel. Salamat po.

VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer

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