English schools in Korea

Samcheok - Gangwon-do
School:E2 Sisa Foreign Language Institute <[email protected]>

The academy is located on the scenic east coast of Gangwongo and has enjoyed a very favorable reputation for more than nineteen years.

Location: Samcheok is on the east coast of South Korea, in very close proximity to a number of beautiful beaches (a walk or a short bus ride away). It is a small university town (population about 70,000) with an authentic Korean feeling to it, but with all the conveniences and a small community of other native teachers. The bus to Seoul runs regularly and takes about 3-4 hours-a great weekend trip. Samcheok is ideal for someone who enjoys a relaxed, easy life style.

#82 Seongdanggil, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do, S-Korea, 25917

Nina [email protected]
Tel No. 033-574-2205 // 011-360-7942

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