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Bookstore in Seoul?  by:
Photo gallery Korea  by: Sa
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How do you get a teaching visa in korea?  by:
A room available in Sinchon  by: Lilas
A room is available in 3 bedroom apartment It's only five minute walking distance to Ehwa women's university station. Yonsei university is only 15 minute walking distance. A bus stop is right in..
Living in Seoul, South Korea: Food, Kangnam Living and Ingenious Ideas *Picture*  by: Paul Symonds
After only one month in South Korea as a Westerner, things already seemed a mismatch of the ingenuous and the illogical. One minute you will be blown away and pleasantly surprised by something and..
Where can I find cheap flights from Seoul, South Korea to Taegu, South Korea?  by:
What is the distance between Seoul and Taegu, or Daegu?
Top Language School and visa  by: Cassidy
I was offered a job in Jeonju at Top Language School...when I google it, I get all of one hit on one message board (a positive review). Anyone know anything about the school? Is it even a real school..
Bring Husband with me. - ESL in Korea  by: Karen Melecio
A recruiting agency responded my mails.I might teach in Korea. I am currently teaching in Thailand and have a big plan to shift teaching to Korea. I am worry if cannot bring my husband with me. Can..
Going to Seoul and Daegu in South Korea?  by:
Interested in a nice hotel. We then will be going to Daegu and need a hotel there too.Any suggestions on resturants or sight seeing wiill be appreciated
Teaching ESL in Korea  by: Galimjon
Hi, Kevin, how are you. I ran into your movies in the Internet and decided to ask you this question. First, that's great that you did it. I also would like to do that, i mean, teach English abroad. I..
Re: I want to teach English in S. Korea. Do I need to get a teacher's certificate for teaching English?  by: sun
You need a degree.
Korean Verbs & Patterns  by: hyn
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not a chance - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: truth
you are getting the e2 visa with medical treated depression. sorry, keep trying.
9 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Deciding to Teach in Korea  by: Jason Cresswell
If you’re considering teaching ESL in South Korea, there are a few things that you should know before making your decision. It’s sometimes difficult to get accurate information. I will sum up..
Korea Magazine - January 2011 (English)  by:
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Teaching about Korea - Resources for Teachers  by: Michael G. An eye witness account of the history of Korea by a Korean from 1930 to 1955. Photos and excerpts from recently declassified US, Chinese and Russian secret..
Photo gallery Korea  by: Sa
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North Korean girl on Video TED2013 Hyeonseo Lee: Escaping North Korea  by: H Lee;TEDSeoul Hyeonseo Lee grew up in North Korea and made the difficult journey to China in 2008, where she lived in fear. Since..
Top Three Tourist Attractions in Seoul, Korea  by: Timothy Drew
Seoul is a city of contrasts where the past and the present co-exist side by side. It is a city where you can feel the beat of a nation as it changes and evolves. The top three tourist destinations..
Top Language School  by: Lynne
Hi Cassidy! I don't know how long ago you wrote this message. (I was looking for a date but couldn't find one.) My experience with Top Language in Jeonju was awful and I'm guessing that things..
Get Intimate With Asia: Travel To Korea  by: Frank Johnson
South Korea is one of the smaller nations in Asia, with a size comparable to the state of Indiana. What it lacks in size it makes up for in abundant culture, turbulent history, exquisite cuisine and..
Re: Bringing Spouse Along  by: korea visa
Yes, if you have a e-2 visa (English teaching visa), your spouse can enter korea with you and be given a f3 visa. The f3 visa does not allow your spouse to work, just staying with you during the time..
Re: What is teaching like in Seoul for an African American woman?  by: Tara Franklin
Hi, What Charles said is not accurate. Asian people do not believe Caucasian people are superior at all. Some people link some Asian people's preference of white skin to the West; but it has more to..
Re: What is the cost of living in Japan or Korea in comparison to the US?  by: john
There is a Japan cost of living community that contains some great local cost knowledge at:
Can an American woman move to Korea and marry a Korean man and be happy  by:
I met the most wonderful man in college (exchange student from Korea). We instantly became friends & started dating after a few months. I'm in Korea visiting after not seeing him for 7 months. We..
Teaching in Korea. U.S. Embassy, Seoul, information - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: AL
- A Guide - Complied by American Citizen Services, U.S. Embassy, Seoul Over the last few years the U.S. Embassy has received many inquiries about..
Re: Teaching with medical issue?  by: Sam
Have you tried contacting the Korean Embassies and consulates. Good luck and stay healthy! Sam R.
National Pension in Korea  by: Choi P.
The National Pension is a system designed to provide stability in the lives of subscribers and their families should they reach a certain age, become handicapped because of injury or disease, or in..
Seoul Hotels?  by:
Would be nice if anyone can recommend me a good hotel in Seoul. I'll be visiting there soon, but havent booked a hotel yet. Thanks in advance.
Hangul  by: info
Hangul (pronounced /ˈhɑːŋɡʊl/, or Korean [haːnɡɯl] (help·info)) is the native alphabet of the Korean language, as distinguished from the logographic..
Re: Korean writing for these four words the words are. love, happiness, strength and hope.  by: saadia
Go to this site Then type the required words and set translate from english to korean.You can view in korean language by..
Putting Your Korean Co-Workers and Co-Teachers First When You're Teaching in Public Schools  by: Daniel E Massicotte
One of the most fascinating cultural differences in Korea is how the importance of saving face affects everyone. If you put your Korean co-teacher or co-worker is in a position where he or she gets..
Learning Korean: How To Master the Korean Language In 3 Easy Steps  by: Ryan Wiley
Korean is a fascinating and fun language to learn, and the Koreas, both North and South, are often the subjects of today's world headlines, South Korea for developing into an economic and..
Finding Housing in Korea  by: Choi P.
Gathering Information When looking for a place to live, you should go to a real estate office or search the advertisements in housing information publications. Real estate agencies are called..
Cheap Motels in Busan, Korea  by: Rianne Hill Soriano
Busan is South Korea's second largest city and the country's largest seaport. It is the film capital of Korea and home of the prestigious Pusan International Film Festival. Resting at the southern..
Education System in Korea  by: Choi P.
In Korea, the public education system begins with elementary school for children of ages 6 through 11. Middle school is for children of ages 12 through 14, and high school for teens from 15 to 17...
Housing arrangements when teaching in Korea  by: choi
permission?? - ESL in Korea  by: tungtengi
can i copy this on my blog???
'Free-gan" ideas for SK recipes - ESL in Korea  by: RhenoKorean
Are any of you vegans out there? You'd have a lot of fun in SK paying out 12 bucks for a vegan dish. After only a week living here, I know something else must be done if one is to actually save money..
Top Language School and visa  by: Cassidy
I was offered a job in Jeonju at Top Language School...when I google it, I get all of one hit on one message board (a positive review). Anyone know anything about the school? Is it even a real school..