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wants to teach in seoul  by: grace antonnette vergara s.
hi my name is gracie...i've been wondering if a filipino esl teacher like me can actually teach english in seoul??? i have a friends who is now in korea and she is teaching english there. could it be..
Cosidering to teach English in Korea?  by:
I am currently single. I am certified teach English as 2nd language. I've witnessed my friends who've been to Korea and got treated EXTREMELY WELL by a huge number of Korean girls (of legal age of..
South Korea News latest RSS headlines - South Korea News.Net  by: rex
Facts about Korea  by:
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Top Three Tourist Attractions in Seoul, Korea  by: Timothy Drew
Seoul is a city of contrasts where the past and the present co-exist side by side. It is a city where you can feel the beat of a nation as it changes and evolves. The top three tourist destinations..
Teaching in Korea - Advice For Teachers Going Abroad  by: Lisa Jenkins
Teach abroad and explore new cultures, foods, and languages. Watch how you blossom and feel your senses heighten while discovering a new world outside of home. Traveling and working abroad can always..
Women's Rugby in Seoul  by: Allison Locke
Women's Rugby You've been waiting 10 minutes for the subway, the line behind you is growing and slowly pushing you towards the edge. Then the train suddenly arrives and wait - you're no longer at the..
Is it advisable to live in a private home in Korea and work as the family's ESL tutor  by:
is working visa still necessary??? i will stay with the family for 6 months til 1 year.. is it possible to be a private home tutor (since i will live in their house 24 hrs.) while having a tourist..
Private tutoring on a D4 Visa  by: Johnnly
Soon I'm going to Korea to learn Korean at an university, for first 6 months i cant get any work permit, so I was wondering if I can somehow, tutor privately people English and German language. I..
Re-Entry Permit for a foreign national in Korea  by: Choi P.
A foreign national who, during his period of sojourn leaves Korea to return before the period of sojourn has expired, that foreign national must have a Re-Entry Permit . A foreigner who leaves Korea..
bring my laptop to Korea - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: Robert
Hi, would anybody knows if I should bring my laptop to Korea or I should buy a new one there. Robert
For ESL teachers with family - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: Mike B and Nic
some feedback. i recommend smaller cities for you. if you can, avoid seoul, daegu. daejeon and pusan. nice places could be masan, chonan mountains, all the east and west coast towns. trasportation is..
Where to Buy Good Vegetables and Avoid Bad Ones In Seoul, Korea  by: Daniel E Massicotte
Back in Canada, the USA or Australia this would seem like a pretty obvious topic right? I grew up in Montreal Quebec, Canada where all the produce is about 99% good quality. There are some grocery..
Where can I find cheap flights from Seoul, South Korea to Taegu, South Korea?  by:
What is the distance between Seoul and Taegu, or Daegu?
great news - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: rugbyman
do you know anybody there? I've a job offer from far is from there? thanks in advance.
Traveling from Suwon to bucheon/seoul?  by:
not a chance - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: truth
you are getting the e2 visa with medical treated depression. sorry, keep trying.
Learning Korean: 3 Hot Tips for Mastering the Korean Language  by: Ryan Wiley
Because it uses an alphabet much different than our own, called Hangul, the Korean language can be challenging to learn. Like all languages, however, if you learn how to learn, and then make a good..
How To Impress Your English Co-Teachers Without Trying In Korea  by: Daniel Massicotte
To impress your co-teachers and even co-workers is easy when you know what you're doing. Here are some ways of going about it that you can easily make a part of you so that attracting their kindness..
Pregnant and quitting ESL teaching in Korea...  by:
I recently found out i'm pregnant. And I am in Korea, teaching english. I plan to leave after I get paid next month. I have not been working for a long time. But my pregnancy is exhausting me, and my..
Housing in seoul in south-korea?  by:
Hi~ How can i find information? i wanna flat. plz tell me. thank you. from seoul in south korea
Recruiting Firms?GMSC? - ESL in Korea  by: Marge
I too have been contacted by GMSC, Was wondering if anyone has heard of them, or has a suggestion of somewhere to go look up these recruiting firms
Tourist Attractions in Gyeongju, South Korea  by: Christopher Marc Anderson
Korea has many tourist destinations, and Gyeongju has a vast number in a small area. I have listed the main tourist destinations as specified by the official tourist map of Gyeongju. As you can see,..
Fastest Way to Learn Korean  by: Lane Cummings
Learning Korean or any foreign language is a difficult task, but the most effective method is total immersion into the language and culture. Immersion is an imperfect method and can be very..
Suncheon City, South Korea  by: Mark Eaton
The relatively long journey to Suncheon, Jolla Namdo, South Korea seemed so common and uneventful that I wondered if I had taken this path previously. Alas, only in my dreams did I. The half day..
Rent a house in seoul, korea.?  by:
I am looking for a house in seoul, korea. how can I rent house in seoul? how can I find information about that?
Partner  by: bronwynn
Hi I am currently teaching in korea, and would like to know if it is possible for my partner to come and visit me here. What would the procedures be if any? Do I need to tell my director? Thanks
GnB English schools  by: Aimee Clegg
Hi, I have recently accepted a job in Gangneung, it is a GnB English school I was wondering if any one had herd about this school or has been there, if they have any information that would be great!..
Have some fun at the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea  by: Travel Expert
The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) held annually in South Korea is one of the most important film festivals that is held in Asia. The inaugural festival in 1996 was also the first..
Seoul clubs????  by:
What is your favorite club in seoul
Medical Services in Korea  by: Choi P.
What To Do When Sick You may choose to go to hospitals, hospitals of Oriental medicine, or public health centers, which are public medical institutions. Hospitals There are both general hospitals..
Talk-To-Me-In-Korean-Level-1-Lesson-18.pdf  by: hyn
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Re: requirement to be a ESL teacher.  by: my say
Koreans are NOT racist. There's a bunch of Korean English students studying in the Philippines.
Japan/Korea, it makes no diference if..  by: Brian
you are a native English speaker.
Pl. tell me cost of living in dollars (except accomodation cost )for single person in seoul (korea)  by:
The History of Korea  by: Nancy Eben
The history of Korea stretches from Lower Paleolithic times to the present. The earliest pottery period lead to Neolithic period and then to Bronze Age followed by Gojoseon Kingdom. By 3rd century..
Video of teachers at the Hwarang Elementary School, Nowon, Seoul  by: International TEFL Academy
The International TEFL Academy is a TEFL / TESOL Certification school with professional Online TEFL courses and International residential courses in over 20 locations worldwide. Job placement..
English tutoring legal in Korea  by: tutor
I'm not sure if it's legal to actually teach without a license/degree in Korea, but you're asking if you can do it privately. Millions of college students today tutor high school/junior high students..
English tutoring legal in Korea  by: tutor
I'm not sure if it's legal to actually teach without a license/degree in Korea, but you're asking if you can do it privately. Millions of college students today tutor high school/junior high students..
Re: Top Language School  by: Jeff
Things must have changed since 96-98. Mr. Lee (the owner at that time) always paid on time and what the contract said he should. The houses were good as were the teachers. Jeff