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How many sealed transcripts should I order to get a job teaching English in South Korea  by: choi
Immunisations for Korea - ESL in Korea  by: Carole
Hi, Make sure that you do get most of the shots recommended. I know that a teacher got Typhoid recently, and these are readily available in South Korea. Thats all Carole
teaching in korea  by: myra
hi, im having my TEFL online study now about to finish in May, as i am also waiting for my spousal visa to be approve same month. how can i apply a teaching job in Korea while im still here in the..
Why You Need To Know More About Yellow Dust And How To Buy A Mask In Korea  by: Daniel E Massicotte
Let's forget everything about the etymology of yellow dust in North America or South Korea and where it comes from and focus on the things that matter. Yellow dust can be very annoying to a foreigner..
Re: Chung Dahm in South Korea  by: Been There
Great benefits, crappy place to work. The pay is nice but they'll work you like a dog. Do you like philosophy? That's what CDI will pretty much make you teach to their kids. They're really clever at..
I know a place - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: vince
Dajeon city, south of Seoul. I know of a few English teachers organizing a league there for men and women. Take care, Vince
Seoul, korea...are the foods there expensive or cheap?  by:
pls tell me about seoul, hubby is a nurse and he is taking his U.S. license exam there this coming May ..he's worried about food, about the place..pls help..
Understanding the Korean Hierarchy in Your School and In Korea All Around You (Part I)  by: Daniel E Massicotte
This article is part of a two part series that examines the most important thinks about the hierarchy in the office and at work in South Korean public schools. My extensive analysis and testing of..
What is the best (and cheapest) way to travel from Seoul to China (Shanghai - Beijing)?  by:
Namdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea  by: Christopher Marc Anderson
Namdaemun Market Namdaemun Market is a huge shopping area in Seoul, South Korea. According to the official guide book it is the largest and best general wholesale market in Korea. You can get almost..
Re: Racism in Korea? shocking! - ESL in Korea  by: Amanda
I recently started looking for a position to teach English in South Korea, however after the common occurance of discrimination I have faced, and the countless reports of these incidents from other..
Can you teach in korea with a criminal background from many years ago?  by:
I'm half korean and I want to teach in Korea. But about 10 years ago I did some stupid stuff. Will I still be able to work there or should I find a different job profession in korea?
Re: Contracts  by: Lynette Kim
Kevin, usually it is unlikely to get a teaching position short term except for study tours however, my husband and I have recently opened a language school in Korea and are in the process of..
Learning Korean: 3 Hot Tips for Mastering the Korean Language  by: Ryan Wiley
Because it uses an alphabet much different than our own, called Hangul, the Korean language can be challenging to learn. Like all languages, however, if you learn how to learn, and then make a good..
Re: Survival Korean for ESL Teachers  by: john
Hi, They shouldnt translate too much for you. But it would be un pc for you to complain about it. Learning Korena is useful in the classroom when the students have to teach you some word meaning etc...
Re: Teaching English in South Korea, where to start?  by: Liz
Hi Bex If you want to teach in Korea I wouldn't worry about a CELTA. Many schools will take you regardless. However, if you wanna go on somewhere else after this you might want to look in to it. I..
Re: health statement question for E-2 visa  by: Pusan T
You're right. Korea has zero tolerance for pot and foreign smokers. Better to fess up now if you have any previous registered conviction (misdemeanor or bigger), you don't want to be waiting everyday..
Re: Going with family with small children  by: jo
go south, stay away from the big cities. try small towns. a salary around 2.4 million won and housing allowance should ok for you and family.
Re: Beware of Storytel in Mokpo - ESL in Korea  by: Helen
You will notice that a female responded to this incident, and not the male who was directly involved. Beware of StoryTel in MokPo. Her husband is a violent offender, and she is violent with the..
Is CCI/Greenheart Travel teach in Korea legit?  by: Natale
I have had the opportunity to hand in a late application to teach in Seoul leaving in 2 months, August 2010. It is pretty rushed, so I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with this..
Fast Food in South Korea  by: djgukfan
Some Important Things to be Learn About Seoul  by: Nancy Eben
Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is situated at the bank of Han River. Offering several enticing destinations for the tourists and experiencing glory in different aspects, it has its own world..
ATC agency in South Korea  by: Sarah
Hi there, Please could anyone let me know if they have had any dealings with ATC whilst looking for work in South Korea?
Explore seoul in 15 days?  by:
I want to explore seoul in 15 days from july 1st to july 15th. can some1 tel me wat i shud do.. pls give in d format Day 1 Day 2... etc... thanks i hope you will make ma trip an enjoyable 1
Serviced Apartments  by: mrsj
I am supposed to be coming to Korea next week. I got a teaching job there, but it does not come with housing, just housing allowance. So I need to find my own place. I made reservations at..
Insurance coverage - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: Korea bound
Anyone knows if the medical insurance in Korea covers prescription pills (antidepressant)for teachers. I'm thinking of bringing my own supply (as prescribed by my doctor). Also could I enter Korea..
Japan/Korea, it makes no diference if..  by: Brian
you are a native English speaker.
ESL Jobs in Korea  by: Sa
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Understanding the Difference Between North and South Korean Cultures  by: JessicaAckerman
North and South Korea share a border, but there are many differences between the two countries. If you plan to travel to the area, it is important to understand the specific culture and eco-political..
Tell me about teaching in South Korea? What should I know?  by:
I have recently accepted a position in Gunpo, Korea and I am wondering if anyone can tell me more about the area.
Essential Classroom Commands/Words with audio for ESL Teachers in Korea - ESL in Korea  by: Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
Re: recruiters GMSC - ESL in Korea  by: Deanna Pearce
Dear Tanjonah, My name is Deanna Pearce. My husband and I run a small on-line ESL school from Canada. We teach students in Japan, Korea, and North America. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out much..
Re: Chung Dahm in South Korea  by: Been There
Great benefits, crappy place to work. The pay is nice but they'll work you like a dog. Do you like philosophy? That's what CDI will pretty much make you teach to their kids. They're really clever at..
great news - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: rugbyman
do you know anybody there? I've a job offer from far is from there? thanks in advance.
Pen pals board  by: Sa
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The Korean Consulate General in Fukuoka/Japan. Applying for a E2 visa  by: Joe
The Korean Consulate General in Fukuoka city is located at 1-1-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810, on Yokatopia-dori Avenue about 500 meters south of the Fukuoka Dome. The telephone number is..
Drug Testing  by: MIA
I understand that when first entering the program once you go to korea that a drug examination is done to you. I understand also that the exam is hair sampel analysis. What I would Like to know is..
Don't forget race discrimination in Korea as well  by: Raymond Hopkins
I recently applied for an ESL position with Korea Global Connections. I have 13 years experience teaching in Japan to middle school aged children and young adults in high school and university. I..
Looking for room to stay from 21June-3Sep (around Sinchon,Ehwa)  by: Penny
hi! I'm Penny from Hong Kong. I am going to study in Yonsei KLI from 21/6- 3/9..just about 10 weeks. Becoz of late application to Yonsei KLI,so I can't get a room from the dormitory. My buget is..
Re: If your medical condition gets worse? - Info: Teach ESL in Korea  by: Future Teacher
Just because he or she is on medication doesn't mean he or she still struggles with depression. This person could be incredibly stable but still dependent on medication. Most people struggle with..