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How to Teach English to Korean Students
By:Anne Semana

While waiting for my nursing board exam results, I applied for a job as an ESL (English as Second Language) tutor for Korean students. They came here to the Philippines while they were in their winter vacation from the university to study English. I am new to teaching, of course, especially to Koreans, but I have found out very important tips and information about teaching them in my short stint as an English teacher.

Be very, very patient. Of course, they don't know a lot of things. That is why you are teaching them. Don't lose our temper. Be patient. If they don't understand a lesson, just repeat it to them or try a different approach. They will understand it soon enough.

Be prepared. Don't just come into the classroom empty handed. Remember to review the lessons for the day so your teaching will be more effective.

Give examples. One technique I have learned that helps both the student and the teacher is by giving a lot of examples of the lesson you are teaching.

Apply in conversations. Your student will learn more if he practices what you have taught him in everyday conversations.

Ask questions. Don't rush into the next lesson after the other. Ask your student if he understands the lesson first. Sometimes, they are just being polite to say that they didn't understand a word you've said.

Prepare games and icebreakers. They get stressed when they find the lesson too hard or boring. Games and icebreakers can lighten up the mood a little bit. It's a good way to show them that learning English can be fun too!

Maintain good hygiene. You are teaching your student face to face, of course. So it's a good idea to take a bath everyday and brush your teeth before class.

Praise and encourage him. Learning English can be very hard for him. A lot of students do give up. Be generous with your words of praise and encouragement. It will help him to keep going on.

Have fun! I treat my students as my friends too. We joke around and talk about different things. Being friendly with them creates a comfortable atmosphere between me and my students. They tell me that they look forward to attending my class everyday.
Now, my students are on their way back to Korea and my stint as an English teacher is over for now. I never thought that I would love teaching. But I do. Many teachers find the rewards of teaching go beyond the classroom, including me. It is a gift to have the opportunity to teach. It's an experience I'll never forget.

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