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For ESL teachers with family - Info: Teach ESL in Korea
By:Mike B and Nic

> I have been trying to find out as much as possible about Korea, I
> plan to be there in about 6 weeks. What I think so far:

> Korea is full of newbie teachers who complain a lot. There are many
> experienced teachers who don't complain. (and some who do). There are
> good schools and bosses, there are bad schools and bosses. If a new
> teacher thinks things are going to be like "back home"
> he/she is very much mistaken.

> My plan, once I have a boss, is to treat my boss with respect, it's
> he or she who has made the investment in a school that gives me the
> opportunity to work there. Accept that the school is a business and
> not a charitable organization for the benefit of foreign teachers.
> While doing the above, make it clear that I am also a business asset
> and as such deserve a fair deal.

> All this while learning to speak Korean.

> I welcome any suggestions or opinions from nic or anyone else with
> firsthand experience of Korea.

some feedback. i recommend smaller cities for you. if you can, avoid seoul, daegu. daejeon and pusan. nice places could be masan, chonan mountains, all the east and west coast towns. trasportation is fast froanywhere and you can be in seoul within hrs. lot easier and cheaper to raise a family in smaller places. for work try for a smaller school with one or 2 teachers. that way you can help school owner to market and grow. maybe even your wife can help school teaching part time. also you could get a 2 bedroom apt in any smaller city sometimes without the key money deposit. very important is to have all your family under visas. this can allow you to be part of the medical insurance. visas for a family can take up to half of one month salary or more. maybe you school can help. beside your boss and students, try to always listen to the parents of the students. the way small schools make their living is by word of mouth. if parent of kids like you, next they tell someone else ans so on. i think is better for you to use your own ideas to teach. most of the small schools in korea have terrible teaching curriculums. if your small school is ready to hire another foreign teacher. ask owner that you want to help hiring that teacher. that way you can be sure who is coming in.

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