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Car Ownership in Korea
By:Choi P.

Obtaining a Driver's License

Anyone desiring to operate a motor vehicle must have a driver's license issued by their regional police agency. Type 2 is for passenger vehicles and therefore sufficient. Obtaining a license requires passing the driver's license test. Passing the test requires you to know the relevant laws and regulations and to be able to drive. Learning these things at a driving school makes it possible to acquire the qualifications for acquiring a license. The test consists of a written examination, an on-site test of skills, and a road test. Registering with a driving school has its advantages since the school will file the paperwork needed to take the test, but this also makes things more expensive.
Test qualifications
Persons over the age of 18 with no reason for disqualification.
Written test
Proof of residence in the stated area, passport or Proof of Alien Registration, two "half name card" portrait photographs, and a fee of 9,000 won.
¡Ø You may not have your picture taken on site, so be sure to bring your own two pictures.
Course driving test
Proof of residence in the stated area, passport or Proof of Alien Registration, test application form, and fee of 13,000 won.
Road Test
Proof of residence in the stated area, passport or Proof of Alien Registration, and fee of 15,000 won.

International Driving Permit

International driving permits are a form of driver's license based on the regulations of international agreements on road transportation. Persons with international driving permits issued overseas are valid in Korea if within one year of the date the permit is issued. They do not authorize you to drive commercial vehicles, and you may only drive vehicle types specified in the permit.
You will be prohibited from driving under an international driving permit if you refuse or fail a road check, or cause an accident, either intentionally or by fault. Failing to be in possession of a license while driving is in violation of the requirement that you do so.

Obtaining a Korean License Based on Foreign License

As long as you pass an aptitude test you may be issued a Korean driver's license equivalent to a foreign license that permits you to operate the same types of vehicles. Bring the following documents and fees to a driving testing area and apply after passing the physical examination. There are driving test areas in Seoul and 26 major cities around the country.
Your foreign driver's license (original document).
A notarized translation of the stated contents of your foreign driver's license, unless the license is written in English. Be sure to include the date the foreign license was issued and the period of its validity.
Passport valid at the time the foreign driver's license was issued or proof of entry and exit issued by Immigration.
Your Alien Registration Card
Fee of 10,000 won.

Source: Korea Immigration

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