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5 Reasons to Travel South Korea
By:Paul Symonds

South Korea has recently become one of the more popular tourist attractions for people who are looking for a unique holiday experience. The tourism infrastructure in South Korea is quickly developing, and the country is now more conducive to visitors than ever before. This guide outlines the top five reasons why people must travel to South Korea.

The Cities
The capital of South Korea, Seoul is one of the most important cities in the world. It is the perfect mix of industrial development and culture, with a number of different sightseeing attractions that tourists can visit. Seoul has a great number of activities on offer and it is also a great place to visit with family, as it boasts amusement parks and other attractions for children as well.

The culture of South Korea has developed its own distinctive characteristics, and boasts several great dance forms, art exhibitions, dramatic performances and musical genres unique to this region. The music and dance forms are especially famous, with each region in the country having its own style of music and dance. Visitors to the country will be able to view an authentic South Korean dance performance in any of the major cities.

Korean Food
South Korean food has gradually become one of the most popular cuisines in the world, with people setting up South Korean food restaurants in different countries. While rice is the staple ingredient used in South Korean cuisine, a typical meal consists of a variety of meats and vegetables along with the rice dish. South Korean food experiments with seafood and rice along with a range of fresh ingredients. Kim chi, Bibimbap and Bulgogi are some of the most famous local dishes that visitors should try.

Scenic Beauty
South Korea has so much more to offer than its culture and cuisine, with a number of extraordinarily beautiful natural wonders that are located across the country. The most famous of these places is the Checju-do Island, off the coast of the country, which is host to Mount Halla, the tallest mountain in Korea. Apart from this, there is also Tongnae, which is a hot spring in the South East of Korea.

The people in South Korea are well known for their hospitality and they not only have opened up their country but also their hearts to visitors. Tourists to this country will find it hard to find an inhospitable Korean, and it is not uncommon for tourists to be invited to locals' homes to experience the Korean way of life.

Paul is presently living in the UK and writes about flights to Korea and Teaching in Korea: http://www.seoulkoreaasia.com/flights.htm

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