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How to Learn Simple Korean
By:Jessica Mahoney

The Korean language is spoken by nearly 80 million people throughout the world, including countries like North Korea, South Korea, China and the United States. Learning simple Korean will enable to you to communicate basic phrases with native Korean speakers and serve as the stepping stone to fluent Korean speaking. It is a good idea to learn some simple Korean words and phrases if you are planning a trip to a country where Korean is the primary language or if a Korean speaker visits you and there will be a language barrier.

Translate simple Korean words from English using an English-Korean translation dictionary. The grammar will not be consistent if you translate one word at a time, but you will be able to communicate basic thoughts.

Refer to a traveler's Korean phrase book to learn to express basic phrases in Korean. These books include simple phrases that are essential to survival if you visit a Korean speaking country.

Teach yourself Korean with a beginner's Korean textbook. Your textbook should start at the preschool or elementary level to teach you the basic of Korean grammar and communication.

Watch basic Korean phonics and language videos to learn how to speak and pronounce simple Korean phrases. You can find language videos designed to teach Korean preschoolers how to speak and read Korean, which is the same level a non-native speaker will need to begin.

Refer to a website that offers basic lessons in the Korean language. There are several language websites that will teach you simple Korean for free.

Hire a tutor or take a course in elementary Korean to get a more structured lesson in simple Korean.

Read anything you can that includes both an English and Korean translation. This might include product labels, children's books or travel pamphlets.

Practice with a native Korean speaker to learn the proper pronunciation and most commonly accepted grammar rules used by Korean speakers.

Avoid purchasing language products that promise to make you a fluent Korean speaker in a short amount of time. As with any language, fluency takes a lot of time and practice and cannot be achieved overnight.

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