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Treating a Korean Girl With Respect - How It's Done Properly
By:Daniel E Massicotte

Koreans value respect and modesty in people. It is important that you learn to reciprocate the feelings of respect to the Korean girl in order to win her heart. A Korean woman likes respect and modesty in her boyfriend, not only to herself but also to her family and friends. Korea has one of the most homogeneous cultures of the world, and Koreans also have an open mind, so with the right respectful behavior reflecting your true intentions you will definitely be able to win the heart of your Korean girl. Here are a few suggestions on the Korean customs of respect and modesty.

• The bow is traditional way of greeting for the Koreans. Korean women might not offer their hands to foreigners when greeting. However, if she offers you her hand then you will have to support your right forearm with your left hand as a show of respect. To bow when departing is again a sign of respect in Korea.

• Unlike western names, Korean names include the family name followed by a two part given name to the individual. The first name among the two part given name is shared by everyone of the same generation in the family and the last part of the two part given name is the individual name of the girl. In order to show respect, you must address a Korean girl with Miss + the family name.

• Certain body languages are very important in Korea and you should make sure that you are aware of them in order to not to show disrespect unintentionally. Here are the body language rules that you must be aware of.

1. Koreans consider it a deep personal violation when being touched by anyone who is not a relative or a close friend. This is to maintain the sanctity of the individual space between people. Avoid any kind of physical contact like patting or touching with a Korean girl. When you have become friends enough with her, she will herself let you know that you can address her by touching her.

2. While you sit in front of a Korean lady, you should never cross your legs or stretch them in front of you. Also, always keep your feet on the ground and never on another chair or on the desk. These are considered signs of disrespect.

3. You should always pass and receive objects with your right hand or with both hands. If you are using the right hand, always support it by your left hand to show respect.

• Koreans have a good sense of fashion. So, you should be able to dress well in a fashionable sense in order to show respect to the Korean girl.

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