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How To Deal With The Rejection That Could Come From Talking and Engaging Korean Women
By:Daniel E Massicotte

Rejection in the dating game can quite be an irritating feeling, so it is important that you deal with rejection in the right manner. Your viewpoint should be rightly oriented not to take the rejection too much to the heart and deal with it accordingly. In fact, rejection or failure can be quite a lesson to learn in a dating game. You will have to understand the mistakes that you might have made or the reasons why the Korean woman has rejected your proposal. Once you get the mistakes straightened and you approach the right single girl with the right manners, you probably won't have to deal with rejection any more. This article intends to provide you some suggestions on how to deal with rejection and also on how not to get rejected while you approach a Korean girl.

First, let us deal with how to deal with rejection part. Rejection is as much a part of the dating game as is acceptance. In fact, the odds are always 50 percent in favor of rejection, as there are only two options that you are considering here, acceptance or rejection. If you get rejected and you can get past the down feelings associated with rejection, what you should do is to sit by yourself and analyze in your mind the reasons that might have made her reject you. Maybe you have not made the moves right, maybe you were not rightly dressed for the occasion, maybe the girl was already engaged to someone, the reasons can be several. So if you can get past your initial feeling of low after being rejected, you will probably emerge as a better person and more experienced to treat Korean woman.

Now, here are some tips on how to minimize your chances of rejection. First thing that you should know in this matter is that Korean women like a respectful and traditional way of greeting. Unlike western countries, where a handshake or a kiss is a way of greeting, in Korea, you bow slightly to the other person as a show of greeting and also as a gesture for taking leave. In fact, Korean people think it is quite intrusive on their privacy if you attempt to make physical contact on your first date. However, if the Korean girl is interested in you, she might extend her hand and in that case you will have to hold her hand gently, your right forearm supported by your left palm, again as a show of respect. While you sit in front of the Korean girl, it is important to not to sit cross-legged as it is also considered a show of disrespect. Finally, since Korean girls have a good sense of fashion, you should make sure that you are fashionable enough to create an impression in the first glance.

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