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Travel, Teach, Live in Korea

Bring Husband with me. - ESL in Korea -- Karen Melecio
A recruiting agency responded my mails.I might teach in Korea. I am currently teaching in Thailand and have a big plan to shift teaching to Korea. I am worry if cannot bring my husband with me. Can ...
Checking with the Korean Embassy in Thailand -- LH teacher
If a filipino can get a E-2 visa. Good luck!

List of ESL schools in Korea -- Sa
Ace Language - International School Ajou University - Located in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. Since its establishment in 1973, Ajou University has made remarkable growth. Andong National University - - ...

To my beloved Hogwan and its honorable - ESL in Korea -- Rheno Denver
In Response To: Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm - ESL discussion (Crash Test Rheno) All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standin' here outside my Korean apartment door I just gotta hail a ...

non-native speakers - ESL in Korea -- efi
Can non-native speakers with masters degree stand a chance in working in Korea?
depends -- Frank
If you have a Canadian, US passport, your chances are better. Frank

Health Insurance - ESL in Korea -- Chris McGuirk
Hi, I'm trying to get EFL teaching work in Korea, and was hoping someone could answer this question: How much is the Health Insurance in Korea and what does it cover? I keep seeing companies ...
here is a good link of the korean national health insurance co NHIC -- Richard
http://www.nhic.or.kr/wbe/wbeb/2002/11/19/207,257,6,0,0.html English teachers are cover with this same plan as Koreans. Richard

Alphabet Pictures - ESL lesson for Korean students -- Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
An ESL lesson (memory helpers for kindergarten and phonics level). Young ESL learners need to be exposed to several methods to help them learn the alphabet. I teach the alphabet while making the ...

Self-Editing of Essays - ESL lesson for Korean students -- Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
An ESL Student's Checklist for Systematic Self-Editing of Written Work (aimed at high school and university but should be used earlier). Writing is difficult for the beginner and doubly so in a ...

Learn Korean: Part 1 - Asian Languages and Language Families -- Russell Holloway
By Russell Holloway So, you have always been fascinated by Asian culture have you? Maybe you are someone who loves the martial arts; kung-fu, tae-kwon-do, or karate. Perhaps you are interested in the ...

A true RACIST story about HOLLYWOOD bar in ITAEWON -- Pedram
It was my g.f's b-day, and I was throwing her a surprise party - I had invited all of our close friends, including her cousin. Among our friends, there were 3 guys from Nigeria. Shortly after we ...

esl south korea offer/ is this standard stuff? - ESL in Korea -- k.k.
i was offered an esl job in south korea recently. my question is about airfare. they say that they will lend me the airfare, economy-class, and i will be required to pay them back for this if my ...
yes and... -- rocketman
save money to pay back the fee of your recruiting and any other expenses the school decide to claim. If you quit your job and are planning to stay in korea working legally, you need a release letter ...

Korean/English Food Quiz - ESL in Korea -- Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.
An ESL lesson (10+ years). I made this list a few years ago and it never fails to interest Korean students. Who isn't interested in food? With younger children it is best let them make small ...

Essential Classroom Commands/Words with audio for ESL Teachers in Korea - ESL in Korea -- Robin Tim Day, B.Sc. M.Sc. B.Ed.

Just wanted to warn anyone who may be looking for a public school job. This is not your average public school 1. No books for the children 2. Class size of no less than 30 (50 first graders in one ...

'Free-gan" ideas for SK recipes - ESL in Korea -- RhenoKorean
Are any of you vegans out there? You'd have a lot of fun in SK paying out 12 bucks for a vegan dish. After only a week living here, I know something else must be done if one is to actually save ...

Age discrimination is alive and well here in South Korea - ESL in Korea -- RhenoKorean
Remember all the 'discrimination is something you shouldn't do' lectures in ethics classes and term papers back in the USA during your college days? Well, it seems some white folks forget ...

Nice pic of teachers in korea (EWHA) - ESL in Korea -- Sammy
ESL-Teachers in korea

Great links for English teachers about Korea -- Pusan Paul
Korea Institute for Special Education - Provides knowledge and information for students with disabilities, families, educators, and the society. Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation - ...

Teacher in Korea - ESL in Korea -- Ted
Teacher in Korea

Jamsil - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Jake
Jamsil. heading there soon. How is the place there... thank you for 411. J
Jamsil-dong - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- SUN
nice spot.lots of teachers and bars.rent is hight, get ready to live in a small room. I guess

Could I bring my pet, a cat to korea - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- ron
Does anybody knows if the law allowsd this in Korea. Thankyou
yes - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- AR
yes, pets are ok in Korea. get your cat a certificated of health (check-up) before you enter Korea.

Cost of Living in Korea - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- HiTeacher.com
Typical Salary & Other Benefits Typical ESL/EFL Teacher's salary is between 1,900,000 won to 2,200,000 won. The tax rate is between 5% and 10% (some universities are tax exempt). Teachers receive ...
utilities - ESL in Korea -- Loni
What do the utilities usually run?
utilities - ESL in Korea -- chu
cheap. around 50us a month including high speed internet.

key-money deposit - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Kim
"What is a key-money deposit?" From 300 to 700 US$, depends of the area/city and apt. (smaller cities/towns, do not require key rent deposit). "So when applying for the position just tell them I want ...

Article: TeachersNeededNow! 2.7 mil / month no kids no weekedends - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Joe Kim
Are you thinking about teaching English in South Korea? Do you want to make a lot of money working overseas? Do you like to go to new places and meet new people? Then wake up! You'd better read ...
permission?? - ESL in Korea -- tungtengi
can i copy this on my blog???
My experiences in Korea - ESL in Korea -- Samantha U.K
Hi Joe Kim, I have been working in South Korea for the past 6 months and I hate to say that your article about working in South Korea is a fairly accurate representation of what I have experienced so ...

Model Contract for Korea - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Elephant
All advice on this site is given free, and by accepting the advice you free the author from any present, past or future claims resulting from the use of the information in this site. Next to the ...

play rugby - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- rugbyman
Where could i find a people who play organized rugby in Korea. I'm going there in sept. thnx
I know a place - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- vince
Dajeon city, south of Seoul. I know of a few English teachers organizing a league there for men and women. Take care, Vince
great news - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- rugbyman
do you know anybody there? I've a job offer from Daegu.how far is from there? thanks in advance.

bring my laptop to Korea - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Robert
Hi, would anybody knows if I should bring my laptop to Korea or I should buy a new one there. Robert
bring your laptop - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- rawfish
most pcs in korea are in korean,software also is all korean.bring your laptop,your software backup,your cds.price in korea for pcs is amost the same as anywhere back west.
bring also clothing if you are oversized - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Joel
My friend could not find x-large clothing here or japan.

consulates of korea overseas - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- phil
USA Korean Embassy in the US: 2320 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008 Tel: 202- 939-5661­3 Consulates New York: 460 Park Ave., 5th Fl. New York, NY 10022 Tel: 212- 752-1700 San ...

Insurance coverage - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Korea bound
Anyone knows if the medical insurance in Korea covers prescription pills (antidepressant)for teachers. I'm thinking of bringing my own supply (as prescribed by my doctor). Also could I enter ...
not a chance - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- truth
you are getting the e2 visa with medical treated depression. sorry, keep trying.
Unfair - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Korea bound
Denied a job because a medical condition. Should I hide this from my employers? I don't like the idea. Thanks for quick reply anyways.
If your medical condition gets worse? - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Kim
I've been teaching children for about 10 years. Not the best job to get rid of depression. Try entering as a tourist and teach privately adults. The best to you!

salary?? - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- leo
what's a good salary in Korea with a good and established school. Thank you, Leo
A GOOD salary? - ESL in Korea -- Rheno747
I'd ask for about 2.3 mil. I settled for two million and now I see I screwed up. Prices in Changwon are outrageous, to say the least. I'm talking 4 bucks US for one apple, 35 bucks US for a ...
I am trying for 2.5 million won but.... - ESL in Korea -- Bret
After 4 months searching and losing money all I can find is 1.9 working at the same school I taught. Do you have any suggestion where I can find at least 2.3?? important, I am looking for a good and ...
2 miilion won first timer - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- truth
morea than that is probably with a small and new school. depends of the risk you are willing to take.
Things to watch out for.... - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Kim
You contract Not: 3 shifts..., teaching in 2 schools, teaching privately for the school, vacation days; when, how many days? more.................. watch out though, because! directors are always ...

For ESL teachers with family - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Mike B and Nic
some feedback. i recommend smaller cities for you. if you can, avoid seoul, daegu. daejeon and pusan. nice places could be masan, chonan mountains, all the east and west coast towns. trasportation is ...

Advise from a teacher - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Budda (taught in Korea)
Cost of living is low in Korea EXCEPT for Seoul. If I were living in Seoul I would ask for more than the 2 millon a month, maybe 2.2 million. Basic food costs are higher as are restaurants and ...

Teaching in Korea. U.S. Embassy, Seoul, information - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- AL
- A Guide - Complied by American Citizen Services, U.S. Embassy, Seoul http://usembassy.state.gov/seoul/wwwh3550.html Over the last few years the U.S. Embassy has received many inquiries about ...
Severance Pay - ESL in Korea -- Kyle
I'm not sure which court ruling you found, but we are entitled to severance pay if we work the majority of the hours that a school is in operation. If your employer puts in your contract that you ...

Info about teaching ESL in Korea for Canadians - Info: Teach ESL in Korea -- Canuck
From: Foreign Affairs Canada INTRODUCTION The key to happy and fruitful employment as a language instructor in Korea is to be employed by a reputable school. Some Canadian citizens have come ...
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