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Travel, Teach, Live in Korea

By:Joe Sullivan


I think you're both taking this nation way too seriously. I did a stint there a few years ago and everything you both say is pretty much true - but so what? Korea is a backward country with a big chip. Once you scratch beneath the surface - once you get under the American basketball shirts and sneakers and British flag T-shirts, these people are two clicks away from being Chinese mainlanders - and most of them know it. Yeah, I listened to some of their Soju-driven "I am 100% Korean!" speeches ("yeah...so what?" - big yawn) and laughed at the ridiculous assertion that this is "an important nation". I was there during the last world cup, when a series of fluke wins got them further than anyone imagined possible, so you can figure how bad the flag-waving was then. (FIFA rates their national football squad 43rd in the world, by the way, so they take them about as seriously as I do).

Most people go to Korea to make money and I did pretty well. If you stay out of expat bars (normally filled with expat alcos) or Korean bars (normally filled with Korean alcos) take lots of privates and keep a low profile generally, you'll be fine. Fun, it ain't, that's for sure - but remember what it is and who they are - a nation of cloth-eared, gravel-brained, slanty-eyed, fornicating little gits so take them for every penny you can.

Happy Hunting!


Ireland. Sep, 2005.

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