English schools in Japan

Osaka, Minoh
School:ENGLISH.jp (JoyEnglish.net) - Christian English School <[email protected]>

Students enjoy great friendships outside the classroom with many events at NNEC as well as an enjoyable time in the classroom. Teachers who come are usually sponsored by a North American evangelical church so teachers are not coming to Japan for the money but mostly to make long term relationships with their students and friends in an everlasting way if that be possible. Friendships are hopefully meant to last forever we believe. Let's work together, study, learn, and have fun in a meaningful way. For more information please contact us by email at ALLMAIL [at] HarvestJapan.com Teachers can reside at facilities as depicted at www.HouseInJapan.net and work at www.nnec.jp in Minoh, Osaka which is about 25 minutes from the center of OSAKA by train or subway. As a student, we can introduce you to a number of Christian English Schools in the Osaka area that are very well priced 090 1907 9502 or as a Missionary English Teacher after gaining some experience with us we can show you with many free materials how to start your own school in Japan as a part of our long term "Great Commission" program. It's a win-win for everyone. We would be happy to hear from you.

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