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English schools in Japan

Ota City, Gunma prefecture
School:Ota English School

Ota English School (OES) is a medium-size english conversation business based in Ota city, Gunma prefecture. The first school was first established in 1985 with the help of local banks and city hall. Now, OES has expanded to include several branches in neighboring towns as well as various external company classes including Subaru, Sanyo and so on, and has most recently been granted ALT contracts through the Board of Education. We currently have about 10 fulltime ESL teachers, 5 ALT teachers and numerous part-time teachers. We have about 800 students, the vast majority being Japanese but we are fortunate to have some international students from other ethnic groups as well.

Ota city is a medium sized industrial yet international city two hours north of Tokyo. Ota city has a population of approxinately 200,000 people and a moderate climate with an average temperature of 34 in the summer to -3 in winter. It has a very international feel to it. Oizumi, our neighboring town, has one of the largest Brasilian populations in all of Japan. Ota city itself, has one of the largest Asian communities outside of Tokyo. This means that, the restaurant selection is quite spectacular, including Chinese, French, Italian, Indian, Brasilian, Peruvian, Philipino etc..

Located on the kanto plain, Gunma prefecture and Ota city offer a unique mixture of country and city life. A two hour train journey will take you into the centre of Tokyo. And a short drive away is a shinkansen (bullet train) station, which connects our citizens to beautiful cities, such as Kyoto, Nara, Osaka and Hiroshima. On the other hand, within Gunma are some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Japan, with some of the best skiing areas, outside Hokkaido. Gunma also has extremely popular sightseeing areas well known for its temples and hot springs. About one and a half hours north of Ota, is Minakami, which is an extremly popular area to experience top grade white water rafting, canyoning, hiking and other outdoor sports.

Overall, Gunma prefecture and Ota city have a little bit of something for everyone. Please come and experience our unique way of life.

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