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Texas ISD School Guide

English schools in Japan

Nagoya, Anjo, Kariya, Handa, Hekinan, Nishio,Okazak,Toyoake
School:ACC International Cultural Institute

ACC was established in 1988, now has eight schools, and is still growing.

About Nagoya: When you want the excitement of the big city, Nagoya is there waiting for you. It has everything you would expect to find in any cosmopolitan city: shopping, fine dining, nightlife, professional sports, museums, art galleries, etc. Another great feature that Nagoya offers is its location; it's in the center of Japan. Take the Shinkansen (the Bullet Train) to Tokyo and it will only take 90 minutes! Osaka and legendary Kyoto are even closer. Want to go skiing in Nagano, the home of the 1998 Winter Olympics? Want to swim or surf on world class beaches? Such activities are just a short train or car ride away from the Nagoya area.

About Hekinan: Hekinan provides the best combination of urban/ rural living. Go "power shopping" in neighbouring Nagoya or hit the local department stores. You can get around on your ACC supplied bicycle to local grocery stores. Prices can be surprisingly close to U.S. prices sometimes even lower! Relax, head to the beach or the mountains, play sports, go to movies, read, or just meet friends in the garden settings of local temples. And don't forget to unwind over a cold beer with your new friends at one of the many local watering holes! ACC provides a pleasant working environment, and an extensive library of teaching materials. Modern classrooms are bright, airy, and designed in a neo-modern Japanese manner. A prestructured teaching appproach provides the framework for the basis of leaning but ACC encourages creativity in the classroom. Choose your own textbooks (for classes above the elementary school level), create your own activities and games, and make your own teaching plans.

ACC students vary from very young children to adults. ACC teachers must be able to teach all levels. There are also special classes offered for those going abroad to live, those who have returned from abroad, as well as for those who are interested in business English.

HEKINAN and the surrounding areas provide a mixture of urban and rural living. The centre of Nagoya, Japan's 3rd laregest city is only a short train ride away: 20 min. from Kariya Station, 25min. from Anjo Station, and 40 min. from Hekinan Station. Anything that you could ever want, from shopping to entertainment, is there waitng for you.

As well, the Japan's famous Shinkansen bullet train can shuttle you to Tokyo in 2 1/2 hours or to Osaka in 75 minutes from Mikawa Anjo Station. However, living in Hekinan means that you won't have to deal with big city congestion in your daily routine. Instead relax with your warm Japanese neighbours and learn about their traditional culture. Enjoy the open spaces and natural settings that cannot be found within the city limits of Japan's urban cetres.

About Japan: Japan is a fascinating blend of old and new. Japan's long history and rich culture offer so much to experience. Visiting the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara is like walking through history itself. Now jump to Tokyo, the world's biggest and most modern city. See the future in urban development when you visit the Odaiba district. How about nature? Japan is known for its mega-cities but there is also an abundance of nature that is sure to impress. From the stunning mountains of Nagano, the home of the 1998 Winter Olympics, to the pristine beaches of the Sea of Japan and Okinawa, there is something here for all outdoor purists.

While Japan offers a truly unique culture and experience, it also has all the Western things that you take comfort in everyday. Food, clothing, music, American goods can be found everywhere. English language books, magazines, newspapers, TV, movies are all here too! As well, with nearly compulsory English language education and a large foreign community, it is easy to make English speaking friends. But the one thing that will definitely make you and your family feel at ease is that Japan is the safest country in the world! Foreigners who lose their wallets in Japan are stunned when it is sent back to them in the mail with EVERY yen and credit card still inside! This is in stark contrast to other Asian countries.

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