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School:The Academy Of Language Arts <email@academyoflanguagearts.net>

The Academy of Language Arts

www.academyoflanguagearts.com / www.academyoflanguagearts.net

Jack Stone is an American with a background in mulitmedia, Television, film and music. Mr. Stone was born and raised in Miami, Florida and educated in Los Angeles, California, where he attended UCLA, and received a BA in Communications, from Loyola Marymount University, and a Juris Doctorate degree (Law Degree) from the University of La Verne. Mr. Stone has worked as an attorney in juvenile, family and criminal courts. His hobbies include writing literature and screenplays, composing and recording music, audio and video engineering, photography and surfing. Mr. Stone moved to Japan more than two years ago and has lived in Shizuoka, Fukui and Yamagata Prefectures.


What We Do

The Academy of Language Arts is a language center that is in business to prepare students and professionals to competently communicate in a foreign language. The Academy focuses on speed reading, reading comprehension, written and oral communicative skills as well as listening to quickly interpret and translate. Reading, writing, speaking and listening are the core language tools that are required to obtain success in today's competitive educational and business environments.

Language is an art, not unlike a musician, an illustrator, a photographer or a writer. In order to obtain the necessary skills to excel in an art discipline, one must dedicate to repitition and continual practice in order to hone that particular talent. This concept of practice and participation applies to the art of language as well.

At the Academy we use the latest in technology, and the finest publications available to help students obtain their language goals. We strive to ensure that lessons are fun, informative and most of all challenging, regardless of the students level or expertise. The Academy offers special courses in many areas, to help students excel in University life or in any business venture. These areas include preparation for business skills, pre-University language study for foreign students, University entrance, and multi-media, as well as a variety of language disciplines.

The Academy prides itself on having full access for the disabled community.





When We Do It

Classes are held daily, excluding Monday and Japanese holidays. Classes are usually held in the evening to accommodate student and professional business schedules. Kindergarten, specialty classes and other events are held earlier in the day, whenever applicable. Please contact us for more information regarding scheduling, and to learn about what class is right for you.

At the Academy we know a student cannot excel in a foreign language if they are not speaking it on a regular basis. In actuality, attending a foreign language class merely one day a week, and not having ample opportunity to practice, nets minimal results. Therefore, the Academy uses a different approach to language education; The Academy allows our students to use our extensive library, educational material, and available rooms for studying, associating and communicating with other students and with their friends any time the school is open for business.

Students and parents agree this unique approach is refreshing and it allows students ample opportunity to speak, study and saturate themselves in the foreign language they are studying.

We hope students agree that this level of commitment to the education of foreign language sets The Academy apart from all the rest.





Where We Do It

Location: The Academy is located in Higashine, Japan.
Address: 999-3729 Higashine-shi Chuo Higashi 1-3-56 Japan.
Fax/Phone: 090.6274.2721.
Email: email@academyoflanguagearts.net.

所在地: アカデミーは日本の東根市にあります。
住所:  〒999-3729 山形県東根市中央東1-3-56
電話:  090-6274-2721
メールアドレス: email@academyoflanguagearts.com

Why We Do It

English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world, with more than 400 million native speakers. One out of every five people in the world speaks English daily. And growing! There are more than 700 million people that use English as their second language. English is the primary language spoken in the United States, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. English is the business language used mostly and is preferred around the world.

English has the richest vocabulary on the planet, with more than 500,000 words. Another astounding fact is that there are more than 500,000 thousand technical and scientific terms that still remain uncatalogued!

However, we also love our students and we enjoy watching them grow confident in their foreign language skills. We also love Japan and the safe community we reside in.

We welcome the challenge of providing our students with the skills they need to achieve their goals. It's not just a great experience for our students, but it's also a great experience for us too!

If you have any questions, or comments, feel free to send us an email. We'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. email@academyoflanguagearts.com.






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