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Travel, Teach, Live in Japan at
Re: How to Teach English in Japan in the Summer
sergio vega -- 2018-00-19 13:09
Hello Im looking to teach english in Tokyo this summer and wanted to inquire about available positions...
Re: Global English School, Matsusaka, Japan
Eric -- 2016-08-23 07:39
Update: I was also not paid in full and 3 weeks late upon deciding to leave, even after I went to the labour board. This was after they wanted me to close my bank account and "promised" they'd send it later. Also, the owner has been known to forget to pay workers bills more than once, resulting in a...
Re: Who cares?
Mr R -- 2016-08-06 18:46
Well sir, that is a very narrow-minded view of Americans. While I do get your point, please consider the vast and incredibly diverse population of the U.S. Of course there are many ignorant people. But also most likely more open-minded and culturally sophisticated people than there are in whatever c...
Re: Global English School, Matsusaka, Japan
Eric -- 2016-07-08 18:58
Seconded and thirded: nothing has changed at GES. The retention rate is well under 50% and you are liable to be fired at any time for any reason at the whim of a boss who doesn't care about you in the least. Foreigners are disposable in her mind, and not worthy of respect. I have been teaching in As...
Re: Global English School, Matsusaka, Japan
Eden -- 2016-05-07 05:44
Hi, I wish i saw your review of this school before I applied. I am working at GES now and nothing has changed. Kojima is still all over the place and vague as hell. She's giving me extra paperwork for my PLS, Color, and Adult classes, but isn't telling me why. I'm really getting the feeling she want...
I want to go to Japan, What should I need to do
Rashid Hussain -- 2016-02-31 23:30
I`m from Pakistan, I want to go to Japan and want to do a Job. What I need to do first, Can anyone kindly help me? I have done diploma of Associate Engineers (Electronics) and also six months diploma in English, I can teach English....
WARNING: Omni International English in Narita, Japan
Jake -- 2015-05-28 13:45
I have taught in many places, but this school is so awful that I must warn other teachers about it. 1. The school doesn't provide a visa, but endlessly tells the teachers to keep waiting, even having them do visa runs. 2. The owner does not pay in full, constantly deducting large amounts from payche...
Re: Teaching English in Japan - Best Company? (JET, GEOS, AEON, NOVA, ECC)?
eslguy -- 2015-05-15 11:51
If some scrub did that to me, he (and she...equal opportunity, right?) and I would be having a long talk outside....
Working in Japan - Help!
sharlene -- 2014-00-03 21:11
Hi My name is Sharlene and I've wanted to go and work in Japan for a long time now but it's only been recently that I've been able to start trying to make this dream come true. I thought the easiest way of being able to live and work in Japan would be to teach English. I am an Australian (so no prob...
Re: Learning Japanese Online - The Pros And Cons
Tom -- 2013-08-03 23:32
"Pros and Cons" implies that people learning Japanese can choose between online learning and classroom learning as if these are somewhat equally effective ways of learning, and we can choose either one or the other. Therefore, writes Mr. Johnson, we might want to choose his online course rather than...

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