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How does an American get a good job in Japan; not teaching English?  by:
I have 4 years of work experience and a four year degree. I can speak conversational Japanese. Where can I find a good job in America that will send me to Japan? Are there agencies or head hunters..
Japanese symbols?  by:
Does any one know where I can find pictures of Japanese symbols
Eye to eye contract in Japan means what?  by:
Eye to eye contract in Japan..
More Japanese help. (Verbs.)?  by:
For transitive verbs (verbs with a direct object) and intransitive verbs (verbs without a direct object) is it possible to just know which verbs are transitive and which are not? I mean, should I pay..
Learn Japanese - Why You Will Be In High Demand If You Learn To Speak Japanese?  by: Mukil Krishnasamy
People who are able to effectively converse in Japanese, both orally and in writing, are in short supply in many countries of the world. As a result, the ability to learn to speak Japanese and learn..
Can I take my prescription to Japan  by: tips
I don't think there is any problem. It's better that you bring documents from your doctor so that you can show it when the officials require explanation.
Top Five Travel Tips in Japan  by: Dino Ng
Japan has always been a nice to go country, with their superb service which is well known in the world and the never-ending scenic spots found in the country. In addition, if you are a hot spring..
If You Think Japanese Is Vague, Learn Why You Are Wrong  by: Terry C Phillips
Everybody says the Japanese language is vague and imprecise. Japanese say yes when they mean no, or refuse to give their opinion clearly and unequivocally, it is often said. But this is wrong...
What Are Japan's Main Tourist Attractions And Activities?  by: Farazila Abu
Tokyo Japan’s modern-city capital lacks the refined aesthetic Kyoto, or the tranquility of Nara, but comes up trumps with contemporary icons, like the forest of skyscrapers that dominates the..
F.Y.I. Tokyo/Japan: Visas  by: tokyocooney
Some more info on Visas in Japan. As I said in the video, Visas are a very complicated matter and the rules are rather vague and handled case by case. Hopefully the web links below will help you out...
Getting Japan Information and More  by: Tomoko Asai
Many people go to Japan to have a great time but before that, they get a lot of Japan information first. Why? Japan is place full of remarkable cities and huge shopping places that is why getting..
Africans In japan  by: To Kelvin
Hi Kelvin, How possible is it for one with a student visa to find a part time job in Japan mostly in Sendai city? I hear Japanese discriminate on employing people can you brief me on this? mostly for..
Teaching English in Japan - Best Company? (JET, GEOS, AEON, NOVA, ECC)?  by:
I'm graduating next year, and want to go to Japan to teach English for a year. My freshman year I studied abroad in Japan for 2 1/2 months and loved every minute of it. I stayed in a smaller city..
I'm going to Japan to make my in Economics.I need information about the cost of living and others  by:
I also need about the wheather condition, job opportunities in extra time, culture and Do I need to know Japaneses language?
Learn Japanese - Speaking Fluent Japanese  by: Peter Galante
Learn Japanese rapidly! By now, you've seen just how exciting Japanese onomatopoeia can be. It's time for you to go one step further. If you'd like to talk about people who talk too much or too..
A Guide To Japanese Customs  by: Isabella Olsen
Do you want to go on an electronics shopping spree while eating all the sushi you've always dreamed of? If so, a trip to Japan is in order. Before you pack your bags, though, make sure you take some..
Japanese Travel Guide  by: Mansi Aggarwal
Getaways are meant to take a person away from all the hurly and burly of life to perfect peace and tranquility. An ideal getaway vacation can thus be at a place where you embrace the beauty of nature..
Japanese Home Cooking - Beyond Sushi  by: Cynthia Bates
In general, the Japanese people are very healthy and live longer than any other culture in the world. Why is this? Many people attribute it to the way they eat. But if you think that all Japanese..
Yokoso Japan  by: Mahendrasingh Singh
Japan the 'Land of the Rising Sun' comprises of a cluster of over 3,000 islands. Apart from many a large islands like Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku and volcanoes like Mount Fuji, Japan is also..
Learn the Japanese Days of the Week  by: James Penman
Learning the Japanese words for things we see and use everyday is a great way to get into learning Japanese. Early Japanese society revolved around nature, agriculture and religion so naturally many..
Do you think samurai still exists in Japan now?  by:
Can you write to me japanese boy and girl names with their meanings.ta?  by:
History of Japanese Pottery  by: Christy P
There are four main types of pottery in Japan; earthenware, unglazed stoneware, glazed pottery and porcelain. Pottery emerged over ten thousand years ago during the prehistoric era. The majority of..
Japanese Pronunciation Tips #13  by: Brett McCluskey
Of the 46 syllables in the Japanese syllabary, there are three that are mispronounced frequently by native English speakers. The focus of this mini lesson is on one of the more difficult syllables to..
Can anyone recommend a Japanese Language School in Japan?  by:
I like to go to Japan to learn the language. If you have been, please let me know which school is the best.
F.Y.I. Tokyo/Japan: Visas  by: tokyocooney
Some more info on Visas in Japan. As I said in the video, Visas are a very complicated matter and the rules are rather vague and handled case by case. Hopefully the web links below will help you out...
Japan, Shikoku  by: English Schools Japan
We are an organization specialized in helping foreign teachers and English achools in Japan find each other. We also solve problems. It's a common thing that a person first time in an unknown..
Thee Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Japan  by: Howard Meguro
Spring brings forth the crisp air, emerging greenery and Cherry Blossoms in Japan. Cherry Blossoms, "Sakura" is the national flower of Japan and is held in reverence throughout Japan. A large number..
Warrior Success: A Ninja Warrior Does Not Believe in Luck - Not Even on St. Patrick's Day!  by: Jeffrey Miller
The philosophy which serves as the foundation for the art of ninjutsu stretches back over 2,500 years of human history and half way around the world from here. Passed down from past sages and brought..
English Pronunciation Exercises for Japanese Students  by: Shea Laverty
Learning a new language can be a difficult challenge. From completely different sentence structures, alphabets that work on different principles and strange new ways to produce sounds, the list of..
Japan Casinos  by: Adel Awwad
Japanese people love gambling and all kinds of games of chance, and although Japan casinos are not plentiful due to governmental regulation, gambling is very popular with Japanese and foreigners..
Taking a Look at the Government of Japan  by: Mike Selvon
If you are not familiar with the government of Japan, then the thought of having a ceremonial figurehead that is the great symbol, may seem a little different. This is the role that the Japanese..
Diary from Sendai, Japan (Part II)  by: Braven Smillie
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Teach In Japan As A Way To Travel To Japan For Free  by: Craig M Desorcy
Japan is a wonderful place to experience but just traveling to Japan for a week or two will not even scratch the surface of what Japan truly has to offer. To really get the full experience Japan has..
Diary from Sendai, Japan (Part IV)  by: Braven Smillie
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Work in Tokyo Japan, do I need a working visa?  by:
I'm a full-time college student and i'm planning to work over the summer. What do I need to do? I would like to work in Tokyo Japan just for this summer, maybe as entertainer because I heard they..
Re: Teaching English in Japan - Best Company? (JET, GEOS, AEON, NOVA, ECC)?  by: Voice of experience
JET is the best. If you go with Interac, your training might consist of getting yelled at by a fool named Cedric who has a massive ego and spends a lot of time telling you about what a great teacher..
Re: How to Learn Japanese - The Two Fastest Methods  by: Nick Kemp
Apart from learning the basics and putting in lots of quality study time I recommend these two methods 1. Immerse yourself in anything Japanese. Learn as much as you can about the culture and social..
How to Pack for a Trip to Tokyo  by: Collaborator
Tokyo's style is chic, modern and eclectic. You'll be deemed highly fashionable in your favorite jeans; however, keep business attire conservative and traditional. Pack navy and gray suits for formal..
The Working Holiday Programmes in Japan  by: rex
Working Holiday Visa The Working Holiday visa is a special visa for young people that has the following features. Validity of Visa: Visa recipients must enter Japan within six months (one year for..