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A Japanese Guide to Japanese Grammar  by: hyn
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Discover Important Tips on How to Relocate to Japan  by: Benny Horowitz
When you relocate to Japan, you can apply for an International Driving Permit. You are required to have a valid driver's license from your home country. They're valid for one year or until your..
You Can Be in a Japanese Grand Prix!  by: Peter Galante
Learn Japanese rapidly! Are you trying to stay abreast of Japanese current events? If you are, here's one you'll love. It's called the New Word and Buzzword-of-the-Year Grand Prix. What in the world..
Legendary Japanese Materials  by: John Creech
Japan is a world leader in electronics and technology. But, they also make use of papers. You use the shredder to tear pieces of paper, yet, do you know that paper used to be a rare commodity? Only..
Fun Ways To Learn Japanese-- Top 2 Sizzling Methods  by: David John
You've heard it before, Japanese is a difficult language to learn. I'm not going to dispute that, but there are ways to make learning Japanese fun and fast. Here are the top 2 fun ways to learn..
Top Ten Things to Do in Japan  by: Jonathan Williams
Japan is one of the countries that have the best of both worlds. It's advanced in terms of technology, and yet, it has been able to retain its greatest heritage - its culture. Indeed, Japan has done..
How much would it cost to get vaccinated in Japan for a trip to SE Asia?  by:
I live in Japan and I'm planning a possible trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. I'm wondering if anybody knows how much it would cost to receive all the proper vaccinations and get a prescription of..
Japanese Grammar  by: hyn
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Discount Japan Airfare Even You Can Afford  by: David Faulkner
We all search for the best deals no matter what it is we are searching for. Traveling is not different and when we are looking to travel to or from Japan, we want to have the best deals possible. The..
Are some areas of japan left hand drive?  by:
List of ESL schools in Japan  by: taca
ACC International Cultural Institute - 252 Genjishinmei-cho, Hekinan City, Aichi, Japan Agape Retreat Center and English Camps - 1340-3 NinobuKuratemachiFukuokakenJAPAN 8071305 American World..
What Kinds Of Accommodation Arrangements Are Available In Japan?  by: Miyouri Inagaki
Many famous hotel chains provide the finest first class and deluxe hotel living. English speaking staff and gourmet restaurants are all part of the package. And most major hotels would provide..
Guide in Tokyo (free - I need to practice my English)  by: hide
Hi thanks for reading. I am Japanese who had lived in the UK for a year. I can speak English a bit but there is no opportunity to speak recently. so I would like to use my English skill for visitor..
Shoji Screen – More Than Just a Room Divider  by: Jessica Ackerman
Western civilization has borrowed many different elements from the Japanese culture and adopted them as their own. The Shoji screen is a prime example of one of these elements. These screens can work..
Getting Around Tokyo - The Easiest and Cheapest Way  by: Honor Dargan
General Tips The most convenient way to get around Tokyo is, without a doubt, the train system. It rarely fails, trains run on average every 6 minutes, and all major areas have numerous access..
agree  by: martin
japanese think that the best medication is a good rest and massage.any none common medicine could be hard to get and expensive.good luck though. M
Japan Casinos  by: Adel Awwad
Japanese people love gambling and all kinds of games of chance, and although Japan casinos are not plentiful due to governmental regulation, gambling is very popular with Japanese and foreigners..
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Gift Giving Etiquette Japan  by: Neil Payne
•Gift-giving is a central part of Japanese business etiquette. •Bring a range of gifts for your trip so if you are presented with a gift you will be able to reciprocate. •The emphasis in..
Re: Teaching English in Japan - Best Company? (JET, GEOS, AEON, NOVA, ECC)?  by: eslguy
If some scrub did that to me, he (and she...equal opportunity, right?) and I would be having a long talk outside.
How to Visit Hiroshima  by: Collaborator
Hiroshima is known across the world as the first city in history to be subjected to an atomic bomb. Although the devastation was immens--and all but incomprehensible--it wasn't absolute. The city of..
Japanese travel guide  by: Mansi gupta
Getaways are meant to take a person away from all the hurly and burly of life to perfect peace and tranquility. An ideal getaway vacation can thus be at a place where you embrace the beauty of nature..
Kakigori is a Cup of Ice Flake You Can Eat in Japan  by: Sakura Kyoto
Snow cone eating is the easiest way to become cool within ten minutes in hot summer days, and it is also true in Kyoto, Japan. In Kyoto, as you know, we have very hot and humidified weather in summer..
Japanese Travel Guide  by: Mansi Aggarwal
Getaways are meant to take a person away from all the hurly and burly of life to perfect peace and tranquility. An ideal getaway vacation can thus be at a place where you embrace the beauty of nature..
Learning to Write Japanese is More Difficult Than Learning to Speak Japanese!?  by: Takanori Tomita
Learn Japanese for a real communication for your work, school project, and communicating with your Japanese mate properly. Many people think that Learning to speak Japanese language is more difficult..
Religion In Japan  by: Jim Sherard
Religion in Japan more than a specific set of beliefs or doctrines practiced on a daily basis, is a blend of traditions that stem from the early teachings of Shintoism and Buddhism, and which most..
Learning Japanese Online - The Pros And Cons  by: Adam J Johnson
If you have been looking into learning Japanese, you may have noticed that a few online courses have started popping up in the last few years. You may have also be wondering whether they're worth the..
Why DO the Japanese Have The Longest Lifespan?  by: Peter McGarry
By: Peter McGarry A recent statistic in the World Bank Group states that the Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world. Japanese men live be 78 years old on average while the average lifespan..
The Life of a Japanese Salary Man  by: Josh Shulman
As the light turns green it yields way to a vast army of drones in black suits, neckties, and black leather shoes. They walk carrying black suitcases, while wiping away with neatly folded..
Quest for a Better Lifestyle Link  by: Kevin Burns
Originally published in the Vancouver Sun Minami Ashigara Shi, Kanagawa Ken, Japan I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. At this moment, I am sitting on a hill top,..
Introduction to Teaching English in Japan  by: J Finnis
Would you like the chance to spend some time in Japan but feel turned off by whistle-stop package tourist trips? If so, teaching English may be the answer. There is no better way to get to know a..
Choosing an Online Japanese School - Questions to Ask Before You Buy  by: Terry C Phillips
More and more choices for learning Japanese are popping up on the Internet. Dozens of sites offer free Japanese resources for learning to read and write hiragana and kanji; other sites offer Japanese..
In Japan - Do You Know Japanese?  by: Tisho Mettarod
Japan really seems to be a foreign culture to our Western minds. You may think you don’t know much about Japan, but in the past few decades there has been increased communication with our neighbor..
In favor of blacklists  by: Hates "American School" and A.I.E.S. in Nagoya
Blacklists of schools are GOOD. I support them 100% and I think schools should run their school so that they never have to be put on a blacklist. These schools deserve what they get. I moved over..
Where do you recommend staying? (Tokyo)  by:
10 Essential Japanese Phrases You Need to Know  by: Richard J Graham
Unlike English you can get by in Japanese with just a handful of easy words which you can quickly flip into questions (simply raise your voice at the end). In fact I have some Japanese friends who..
Japanese travel guide  by: Mansi gupta
Getaways are meant to take a person away from all the hurly and burly of life to perfect peace and tranquility. An ideal getaway vacation can thus be at a place where you embrace the beauty of nature..
Tokyo Drift - Feel and Experience Japan  by: Julia E. Brown
In spite of modernization, Tokyo blends the spice of the urban vibes with the sweetness of traditional ambiance of their culture. In the following Tokyo attractions, both modern and ancient collide..
Learn Japanese - Why You Will Be In High Demand If You Learn To Speak Japanese?  by: Mukil Krishnasamy
People who are able to effectively converse in Japanese, both orally and in writing, are in short supply in many countries of the world. As a result, the ability to learn to speak Japanese and learn..
CNN Video - 2 American teachers found in Japan after the tsunami  by: Leanne