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Teaching ESL in Japan- am I too old  by:
Has anyone met an older person teaching English in Japan? I have heard that some employers can work you really hard. I have a lot of experience teaching art. I would love to go to Japan and teach,..
I have a question about teaching English in Japan?  by:
I want to teach for AEON in Japan. Do I need a teacher's degree or is a 2 year bachelor's in English ok?
traveling to Japan with a partner  by: Mark Ketterhagen
Hello! My girlfriend and I want to move to Japan in 2006 to teach English. We only want to go for a year, and feel that going with one of the larger school chains might be a good option for us. We're..
Things You Must Do While Living in Japan  by: Alyssa Davis
Japan is a fascinating and beautiful country. If you are visiting or living there for any length of time, you should take advantage of everything the country has to offer. There are many sights and..
Japan passes measure to fingerprint foreigners  by: canuck
CBC News Japan's cabinet has given final approval to a plan to fingerprint and photograph all adult foreigners entering the country, six years after the country dropped a similar requirement because..
Traveling to Japan - Do You Need a Japan Visa?  by: Honor Dargan
Planning Ahead Do you need a Japan visa? If you're planning to travel on vacation anywhere in the world, you should always check out the visa and other requirements that your country of destination..
Japanese Roommate Rivalry Part 1 - Give Me a Break!  by: Peter Galante
Yasu and Momo, everybody's favorite bickering roommates, are going strong. But, it's not all idle chat. They'll teach you how to say some incredibly versatile conversational phrases using the Okayama..
Off the Beaten Track: Gunma Prefecture  by: Josh Shulman
Still figuring out what to see during your trip to one of the world's most renowned travel destinations? If you are adventurous enough you will have the opportunity to discover and experience some..
Survival Japanese - 10 Essential Words and Phrases  by: Terry C Phillips
If you are planning to travel to Japan, or plan to learn Japanese, here is a starter set of essential Japanese to help you get started learning Japanese. When you say these Japanese phrases, don't..
Why Has The Nintendo Wii Become So Popular In Japan  by: Darren Lintern
Two weeks after it was released in the US late last year, the Nintendo Wii came out in Japan, and consoles literally flew off the shelves. Reports received from areas such as Akihabara (the major..
Roppongi: Tokyo's Premier Night Spot  by: Jim Sherard
If you're looking for a night out on the town the famous entertainment hub of Tokyo known as Roppongi is a must see. Though the origin of the name is unknown, the word Roppongi literally means “six..
How To Use The Japanese Grammar Particle Wa  by: Rippa Sama
The Japanese grammar particle wa is one the most confusing particles for most beginner Japanese. The particle wa is really just a simple particle for indicating the topic of a sentence. Most of the..
Re: Why Teach English In Japan?  by: Bo Diddley
Want to each English in Japan? Get in line behind the thousands of half-wits who just showed up at the airport today.
Resort Work In Japan - Much More Fun Than English Teaching  by: Adam Claydon-Platt
Are you interested in going to Japan? Until recently, if you wanted to work in Japan, your options were limited to English Teaching, or bar work. But now, thanks to the huge ski tourism boom Japan is..
Japanese words  by: ray
OHAYOU GOZAIMASU-Good Morning KONNICHIWA-Good Afternoon KONBANWA-Good Evening OYASUMI NASAI-Good Night MATA NE-See you soon O GENKI DESU KA?-How are you? TAKE CARE-ki o tsukete ne TABUN SUKI KAMO-I..
Knowing the Rich Japanese Culture  by: Tomoko Asai
The Japanese culture has developed over the years. From the ancient and classical Japan, to the birth of the samurais, and now a modern Japanese culture came to exist. Of course, many neighboring..
Being a teacher in Japan  by: Johnson
Kevin I am sorry to hear about your teacher leaving you in a tight spot with such short notice. I do not condole his actions nor any other person in any company who would carry out such actions to..
The Lively Japanese Nozawa-Onsen Fire Festival  by: Travel Expert
We were living in Suzaka at the time of the fire festival, which takes place in mid-winter (mid-January) in the small ski-resort town of Nozawa-Onsen. This peaceful place is surrounded by rice..
Attractions of Yamashita Park in Yokohama  by: Michael Smallet
Yokohama City is located 30 kilometers south of Tokyo. Due to proximity to the capital and convenient access to the sea, this city became the first port to open its waters to foreign ships in 1859...
9 Japanese Automakers  by: Matthew C. Keegan
Japanese built and designed cars have flooded the North American market for over forty years now. Over time, many nameplates have come and gone, but Japanese cars continue to gain market share and..
Celebrating Valentine's Day - Japanese Style!  by: Troy Hogg
Well, for those lucky in love, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! And for those unlucky in love, it's just another, if not the most, dreaded holiday! But for those who detest Valentine's Day,..
Japan Travel Information - 5 Attractions In Japan That You Must See  by: Marie-Claire Smith
There are few places in the world that hold as much mystique for Westerners as does Japan. Even with all of the attention that Japan has garnered on the world stage over the past few decades due to..
A Foreigner's Attempt at the Japanese Driver's License Test  by: Scott Brady
Once upon a time, there was a young American living in a far off world known as Fukuoka, Japan. This American had lived in the exotic world for a few years when he finally found out (refer to..
Japan - Understanding the Land  by: Sebastian Harley
Japan is a country that is comprised of over 3,000 islands. It is a modern day juxtaposition of things that seem to be a contradiction in everything we know. This, then, can be both one of its..
CNN Video - 2 American teachers found in Japan after the tsunami  by: Leanne
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Politeness levels In the Japanese Language  by: hyn
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History of Japanese Pottery  by: Christy P
There are four main types of pottery in Japan; earthenware, unglazed stoneware, glazed pottery and porcelain. Pottery emerged over ten thousand years ago during the prehistoric era. The majority of..
Africans In japan  by: To Kelvin
Hi Kelvin, How possible is it for one with a student visa to find a part time job in Japan mostly in Sendai city? I hear Japanese discriminate on employing people can you brief me on this? mostly for..
Important Information About Allergies in Japan!  by: Peter Galante
Are you allergic to anything? Some people get mild cases of hay fever. Other people are deathly allergic to things such as peanuts. Do you know how to talk about your allergies in Japanese? Can you..
How to Say Hello in Japanese The Simple Way  by: John J Thompson
How to say hello in Japanese largely depends upon when you say it. This is very much like different greetings and salutations used in English at different times of day or night. There are set rules..
Geisha: Flowers Of The Willow World  by: Jim Sherard
Often referred to as the “flowers of the willow world” Geisha are an enduring symbol of Japan whose inherent beauty, grace, charm, and artistic talent have been admired for centuries. The word..
Learn Japanese - Speaking Fluent Japanese  by: Peter Galante
Learn Japanese rapidly! By now, you've seen just how exciting Japanese onomatopoeia can be. It's time for you to go one step further. If you'd like to talk about people who talk too much or too..
How does an American get a good job in Japan; not teaching English?  by:
I have 4 years of work experience and a four year degree. I can speak conversational Japanese. Where can I find a good job in America that will send me to Japan? Are there agencies or head hunters..
Japanese Roommate Rivalry Part 1 - Give Me a Break!  by: Peter Galante
Yasu and Momo, everybody's favorite bickering roommates, are going strong. But, it's not all idle chat. They'll teach you how to say some incredibly versatile conversational phrases using the Okayama..
How Not to Take the Wrong Train in Japan!  by: Peter Galante
The last thing you want is to get lost in Japan. You'll probably be using public transportation. And, you'll certainly need to ask for directions. It's important that you understand where you need to..
Stamp or Signature?  by: Hotaru
It is good to have stamps to identify yourself! Not only in Japan, but in many other Asian countries, people use stamps instead of signatures to identify themselves. And most of them are made by..
Japan & her Standardized Test Based Education System  by: Kevin Burns
Japan & her Standardized Test Based Education System For some positives in Japanese education, one need look no further than the local kindergarten or the local elementary school. For..
Are there some good Japanese learning materials for English speaking toddlers?  by:
You know, there are a bunch of DVDs and CDs for kids who want to learn English. Are there something like that: Japanese learning materials for English speaking toddlers?