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Most Expensive Japanese Hotels  by: Travel Expert
Tokyo, Japan’s capital and one of the greatest megalopolis in the entire Asia, covers some of the most alluring and eye-catching hotels for tourists to come and experience. Whether you’re on a..
How to Learn Japanese Online Through the Kana  by: John Hubert
Knowing how to learn Japanese online is no easy task. There are a myriad of online courses out there that claim to be the best, but just how effective are they all? Obviously unless if you've tried..
in Japan without prescription  by: tips
Your alternatives are to import your own (you are allowed a three month supply in each shipment) or go to a doctor and get a prescription. If you are eligible for national health insurance it will..
How do I get American prescription drugs while in Japan  by: tips
See a doctor and have him write you a prescription. Most doctors know good English. Medical journals are written mainly in English so they have a pretty good knowledge of the language. If that..
good salary in Japan  by: martin
best is to work for a company and teach on the side eg street,phone...and stay way from you stuff and drink it at home quietly. M
Teaching small children in Japan.  by: Robin Tim Day
Craig Desorcy's Article Posted By: Robin Day Craig Desorcy posted a great article about teaching small children in Japan. Attention span is short, so change the activity when interest is fading. Just..
What do I need to give private english lessons in Tokyo?  by:
I am planning on going to Tokyo for three months to stay at a friend's apartment. I want to earn some spending money while I am there. Any suggestions for making money? I heard tutoring students in..
Learning Japanese - How to Start  by: Adam J Johnson
The first thing you need to tackle when starting your journey into learning Japanese is a quick run through pronunciation. But WAIT! Before you tune out and the "boring" lights start blinking, it's..
Working Holiday in Japan  by: Working Holiday Maker
As far as I'm aware the working holiday program is a recipricol agreement; the Japanese can go to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and now Ireland and vice versa. America hasn't made any agreements to..
A Visitors Guide To Tokyo Japan  by: Thomas Smith
Tokyo, Japan is an exciting travel destination. Head to the city where the East meets the West but do some planning before you take off. First of all, travel to Tokyo can be expensive so be sure to..
Best Packing Tips for Travel to Japan  by: Isabel Prontes
Japan is a very popular travel destination. From the bustling urban centers of Tokyo and Osaka to the serene temples of Kyoto and the crisp air of Mount Fuji, traveling to Japan can be a very..
questions about working in japan  by: Tao
Hi, I'm currently working in Thailand, but looking at other Asian countries. Have been browsing this site for a bit and got some ideas about working in Japan. I would like to know a bit more. Can..
If You Think Japanese Is Vague, Learn Why You Are Wrong  by: Terry C Phillips
Everybody says the Japanese language is vague and imprecise. Japanese say yes when they mean no, or refuse to give their opinion clearly and unequivocally, it is often said. But this is wrong...
English Teaching in Japan  by: Mistina Thomson
"Welcome to the land of the rising sun. This is a country that is known for friendliness and also its prowess in technology. We have all heard of Toyota's and Nissan's prowess in the global market...
A Peek Inside A Traditional Japanese Tea House  by: Mayoor Patel
A Japanese tea house is a special building designed for holding Japanese tea ceremonies. It is built using simple rustic materials and is usually surrounded by a small garden called a roji. The..
Japanese Kanji Learning: Short-Cuts to Rapid Mastery (Part 1)  by: Stephen Munday
By Stephen Munday What? Kanji can be learned quickly? This seems an impossible dream to many students of Japanese who come from a non-kanji language culture. Even hiragana and katakana seem..
Japan Travel Destination - Miyajima  by: Josh Shulman
Miyajima is a small island in Japan, situated at a short ferry ride from Hiroshima. It is just like the place you would imagine in your thoughts as the perfect vacation destination. It is one of the..
Japan International schools? (for a student)  by:
Hey Everyone I need some help!! OK see Iam only 15 but i want to go to an international school in Japan!!! (Iam from the us) See my dad always says no but I really want to go to Japan and i need some..
Snowed in? Carve Yourself Out  by: Josh Shulman
A snowy white wonderland may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Japan travel (perhaps except the snowy peak of Mt. Fuji). The less-visited northern island of Hokkaido,..
follow this  by: Ginky
(for Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) Japan initiated its Working Holiday Programmes, first with Australia in December 1980, then with New..
A Poor Madman In Tokyo!  by: Fred Tittle
Its on the bucket list but not at the top, when they said they needed to make an extra stop, you twisted their arm and managed to schedule a long layover between LA, Honolulu and Bangkok, so the..
Diary from Sendai, Japan (Part IV)  by: Braven Smillie
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Top 7 Bizarre Japanese Foods - Eat Them or Leave Them!  by: Josh Shulman
Japanese cuisine has been heavily exported around the world, with Japanese restaurants popping up on a daily basis in the Western world. Sushi is arguably the most well known Japanese dish, and most..
questions about working in japan  by: Tao
Hi, I'm currently working in Thailand, but looking at other Asian countries. Have been browsing this site for a bit and got some ideas about working in Japan. I would like to know a bit more. Can..
Do Teachers Unions do more harm than good in Japan?  by: Kevin Burns
As a young man and being rather left wing, I scoffed at the suggestion that unions were not all good. My father pointed out how they can try to intimidate employees to get their way. Being young and..
Everyone Needs To Learn English In Japan  by: Mistina Thomson
"There were days when your intellect as a Japanese would be measured in terms of how well you knew the different dialects of the Japanese language. All that is slowly changing nowadays. What I hear..
The Working Holiday Programmes in Japan  by: rex
Working Holiday Visa The Working Holiday visa is a special visa for young people that has the following features. Validity of Visa: Visa recipients must enter Japan within six months (one year for..
Bad points about big English schools in Japan?  by:
Know good/bad points about working at a big Eikaiwa school such as Geos, Nova, Aeon, ECC, etc in Japan. Bad points I've heard: Nova--Share a place with a room mate. No prep time, just teach and wing..
4 Reasons to Learn Hiragana First  by: Emily Kato
If you are learning Japanese, then you will soon come across the three writing systems, hiragana, katakana and kanji. Japanese is written by using a combination of these three writings systems, with..
How to Visit a Japanese Public Bath  by: Collaborator
The Japanese bath house is commonly referred to as the sento. The sento means cleanliness, togetherness and nakedness. The sento is a daily tradition in Japanese culture and doesn't have the aura of..
Stamp or Signature?  by: Hotaru
It is good to have stamps to identify yourself! Not only in Japan, but in many other Asian countries, people use stamps instead of signatures to identify themselves. And most of them are made by..
9 Japanese Automakers  by: Matthew C. Keegan
Japanese built and designed cars have flooded the North American market for over forty years now. Over time, many nameplates have come and gone, but Japanese cars continue to gain market share and..
Travel Japan and Enjoy It  by: Tomoko Asai
Looking for a place to go to? Why not travel Japan and explore this amazing country? Tourists have frequented this country because it is a place full of beautiful sceneries and tourist spots...
Culture Shock & Eikaiwa Teachers in Japan  by: Kevin Burns
Moving halfway around the world, to a culture as foreign and difficult to penetrate as Japan`s is difficult for anyone. If you become an English teacher here, you will probably have to deal with a..
Japanese Roommate Rivalry Part 1 - Give Me a Break!  by: Peter Galante
Yasu and Momo, everybody's favorite bickering roommates, are going strong. But, it's not all idle chat. They'll teach you how to say some incredibly versatile conversational phrases using the Okayama..
How To Write Your English Names Into Japanese Kanji Symbols For Your Tattoo Design  by: Takanori Tomita
A lot of Western people love to get their names in Japanese, especially with the Japanese script called, Kanji. But, we also use 2 other Japanese scripts called Hiragana and Katakana to write names..
Re: Why Teach English In Japan?  by: Bo Diddley
Want to each English in Japan? Get in line behind the thousands of half-wits who just showed up at the airport today.
Re: In favor of blacklists  by: Ellie
Hello: I am so in favor of black lists. Had anyone told me about American School in Nagoya Japan, I would never have worked there. When I arrived there, the owners of the school were running around..
Japan & ESL Teaching Contracts - Advice Before You Sign  by: John Paxton
If you’ve spent any time at all browsing through forums on teaching English in Japan, you’ve probably run across more than a few horror stories. Topics range from working hours and conditions way..
How To Say I'm Sorry In Japanese  by: Rippa Sama
Learning how to offer your aplogy and ask for forgiveness in Japanese can be very useful when you did or say something bad or harmful to another person by accident. In such cases you want to say that..