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Working in Japan - Help!
By:sharlene <>


My name is Sharlene and I've wanted to go and work in Japan for a long time now but it's only been recently that I've been able to start trying to make this dream come true. I thought the easiest way of being able to live and work in Japan would be to teach English. I am an Australian (so no problem with the English part) but my main problem seems to be the fact that I don't have a uni degree. I do have a Diploma in Children's services and have been working on and off with children for about 6 years.

On some websites it seems to be no degree + you're not going to be able to work in Japan, and on others it seems to be no degree - but have diploma +experience = ok we can do that... then there is the no degree = no problems. Which is all a bit confusing.

I was wondering if anyone had come up against this at all?

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