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Re: agree
By:cali guy in Japan <bill@gmail.com>
In Response To: agree (martin)

I am an adhd guy and have done an extensive amount of trying to get a proper diagnosis and medication here, but no luck. I got here more than 15 years ago, undiagnosed and later figured out that I have adhd. It was just not something people thought much about or knew much about when I was a kid growing up, so I learned to deal with it. It still caused me a lot of problems (still does) though and I looked more into it. You can't get it here. The level of adhd you need has to be so severe that you are unemployed, suffering tremendously, etc. If you are a non-Japanese who has made it to Japan, how could you have adhd? That is the attitude of the medical community and government here. Only really severe narcoleptics can even get Ritalin here. If you go the contraband route, please be aware of the risks. They will jail you. This country is a real joke sometimes. They irradiate their own people but won't give them medication.

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