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Re: Japanese Women: Looking for a Western Husband!
By:Professor Dr.David Ngin Sian Pau

I don't know whether Japanese women want to have a real date with foreigners. And I have no idea about the real Japanese in Japan because I have never been to Japan before. In a school where I taught English for six months in China, I had some Japanese students in my teaching English classes. Normally, the people in Myanmar like Japanese because of the richness of the country and its economy.So one day, I invited one of the Japanese girl students to my room, foreign teacher apartment and in my opinion, we had fallen in love because the last moment before she went away from my room, we kissed with one another without doing anything. And I thought it was a nice day.

After three days, she with her four girl friends came to visit me again. I gave them a warm welcome to all them. To my surprise, all of them went a way with my shoes, some fruits I kept on the table, and some cakes for breakfast while I was away to the toilet for 5 minutes. When I get back to the living room, there was no one in the room any more. Finally, I made a complaint to the school director about the stealing matter and she told me it might be just a joke. Oh! my God! What a terrible experience it was! Some Japanese may not seek falling in love with foreigners but they seek foreigners for the sake of getting something else.

And another incident is that there were times, I came into the friendship of some Japanese teachers and co workers in China. Because of advanced knowledge of technology, they could get all the keys of my room and were able to get in while I was away from my room or apartment. I didn't lose money but they took my teaching materials such as DVD, some important papers,Wristwatch, USB or mass storage device and some files from my laptop. The worse part is that they sometimes disabled some electronic device like battery recharger, hair dryer, elecrical cattle, etc.. Not only the Japanese ones but I have to say there are some Chinese groups whose job seems stealing foreigners goods or properties because it happens in China. Unless the local Chinese allow them to do, the Japanese may not be able to get in or steal anything from my room.

What I mean is that it's skeptical or unsafe to marry or date a Japanese woman if the women mentality is strong in such away I have learnt in the past from some of them .

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