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Sites Where I Can Learn Japanese
By:Richard J Graham

There are plenty of sites on the net for learning Japanese. It's usually best to look for something that has sound or video to get your pronunciation right. If it's just text I can pretty much guarantee you that no-one will understand you!

It's also worthwhile checking which sites are written by Japanese speakers so you don't end up learning some of the wrong stuff that's out there.

Having said that, there are some brilliant sites to learn Japanese, here are a few of my favourites.

Japanese Pod 101

This came out after I'd learnt Japanese, but I tried the version for learning Chinese last year and it is really good. It's a podcast programme for your ipod and although it's a little work to get through it is very entertaining.

George & Keiko Show

A great site using videos and a sort of chat show format. It's a paid site but is very lively and teachers lots of real expressions that we use in Japan all the time. Funky subtitles make a big difference.


I use this site everyday! It's maybe for more advanced learners but it's also useful for beginners. You simply go to popjisyo.com then type in a Japanese site you wish to read. It then takes you to that site, but when you move your mouse over the Japanese words it gives you reading of the kanji characters and a translation in English. Very useful.

Say it in Japanese (from web-japan.org)

This one is aimed at kids, but don't let that put you off. It's very easy to navigate and the Japanese is simple but useful. The sound loads up as external files, but the conversation pieces are a great starting point.


If you have the patience to sit through a few bad videos then Youtube does throw up some gems for learning Japanese. They're usually quite short so are easy to get through and the audio with the visuals makes a big difference

Games & Songs with www.GenkiJapan.net

This is my site where I put up all my Japanese learning ideas along with a load of games and songs. I try to make it as fun as possible! Please stop by and say "konnichi wa".

Richard Graham is an education consultant based in Japan. His teaching materials are used by thousands of schools throughout the country. His main site is at http://www.GenkiEnglish.net

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