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Life in Tokyo
By:Greg <greg@myresume.jp>

It's an interesting truth, that, although one begins to feel included in a city the size of Tokyo after a few years, that there remains a distance from the deeper more traditional Japanese way of life that i have come to love. Indeed, being a foreigner myself, i cannot expect to blend with this world in its entirety, rather what i would enjoy is to live life for just one day as a pure Japanese, as only then i'd be able to see and experience the true essence of a country who's very basis i've never seen elsewhere. New York, London, most other major cities attempt this feeling of belonging.. to no avail. Tokyo, well, Japan for that matter has become almost a phenomenon in this modern world we live in. Wars are plentiful it seems, city crime continues, commerce persists to build, but the average Japanese person chooses to focus on this hard working and simplistic way of thinking i've referred earlier, and i just love it. If you've never travelled to Japan, do it, if you're living here now i recommend to simply take a moment on a morning where the sun is rising over the buildings (or mountainside, depending) and think to yourself - guess what - there's no place like home.. for, in many ways, you can't do any better than Japan and this feeling of belonging it can provide. Thanks, this is my first web blog type insert..hope you liked it and sorry for the babble :)

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