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In favor of blacklists
By:Hates "American School" and A.I.E.S. in Nagoya

Blacklists of schools are GOOD. I support them 100% and I think schools should run their school so that they never have to be put on a blacklist. These schools deserve what they get.

I moved over here from the U.S., and the school turned out to be the worst run organization I have ever seen...liars, cheaters, the worst people imagineable. Moving here from so far away, the only way I had to check up on this school was the website he sent me the link to. What better way to be able to see a response to a school than have an international blacklist. Obviously, some employees leave for personal reasons and are disgruntled, but when every single person leaves a school within weeks of each other, this school deserves to be blacklisted. Had we been able to find some information on the internet from other teachers about this school, we wouldn"t have wasted our time coming over.

Go ahead and make a teacher blacklist on the internet...the smart teachers won"t live their lives in such a way to make so many people hate them enough to go looking for websites to blacklist them.

P.S. NEVER work for "American School" and A.I.E.S. in Nagoya, Japan. They are run by the same woman/man combination and are disgusting.

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