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do's and don'ts in japan
By:tmac in japan
In Response To: Things You Should Avoid Doing In Japan (Michael Russell)

well I've read a lot of BS in my day, but this floats to the top. TRUE, japanese people can tend to be touchy on political subjects. Even if you talk politics however, don't expect to be beaten. If you do get beat up it is because you are being rude enough to be beaten. The numbers 4 and 9 CAN be found in japanese hotels. Japanese people, including women, talk about their age and weight all the time. Whether you should be so bold to ask someone about it is up to you and the situation, but the question is no more taboo than anywhere else.

This post comes off like people will explode at you just for saying the wrong thing. I think it's prejuduced and wrong. The worst question I've asked in my 3 years living in Japan was about someone's Tatoos, and that was because she was in front of her students who did not know she had any. Having said that, I wouldn't be so bold as to assume the question carries similar weight with all Japanese people.

But really, if you want to know about how Japanese people think... you're going to have to talk to some. You won't learn much here....

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