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4 Reasons to Visit Tokyo
By:Chris Norriss

Buzzing with excitement, this Japanese city is situated in the center of Asia Pacific travel. Fast-paced and complex, Tokyo is not only a popular tourist destination, but the trendiest place to live as well. Though there are a number of reasons to visit this bustling city, we've come up with the four main reasons for Tokyo travel.

1 Food, Food, Food - There are over 200,000 restaurants and bars scattered throughout the city and, while you obviously must indulge in some quality sushi if you're enjoying some Tokyo travel, there are a range of cultures and countries represented in the city's eateries. Like everything else, meals are a constant in Tokyo and you'll find many restaurants open 24 hours or until the wee hours of the night. Restaurants range from stand up noodle shops and pizzerias to sushi and kaiseki restaurants, which offer an elaborate multi-course meal. Because the apartments and living quarters are so small in the city, most of the locals dine out quite often, so be ready to mingle!

2) Shopping - Tokyo has become a major shopping destination for those who crave everything from designer duds to the latest and greatest in technological advances. Whether you're browsing the cheap finds in one of the city's many indoor and outdoor marketplaces or indulging in a more relaxing, upscale environment amongst designer stores, you can rest assured that if you need something, you'll find it here. When in doubt, try one of Tokyo's impressive department stores, which are the biggest out of any city in the world.

3) Nightlife - From traditional pubs and classy bars to nightclubs and discos, there's always something to do at night in Tokyo. Those lucky enough to enjoy Asia Pacific travel should take advantage of the city's late-night lifestyle and let loose a bit. Surrounded by lit paper lanterns and bright neon lights, the entertainment districts in the city are every bit as busy at 4am as they are at 9pm, so be prepared to party early in to the morning.

4) Culture - Beneath the city's busy, modern appearance is a world of old Japanese culture and history waiting to be discovered. Enjoy Tokyo travel with visits to one of the city's many temples or take in a traditional Kabuki performance. Just because Tokyo is more westernized than any other city in the east doesn't mean that all that culture isn't there, you just have to know where to find it!

For more information on Tokyo travel or the region in general go to: http://www.southpacifictravelcenter.com/

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