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Tokyo Travel on a Budget
By:Alma J.

For many years Tokyo was considered a very expensive travel destination. In those years you needed to be very wealthy to visit Tokyo, because it was one of the most expensive places on earth. Those years have gone now for quiet some time. Japan is suffering from recession for more than 10 years now. This is very hard on the Japanese People, but it opens some very good travel opportunities for tourists.

Today a visit to Japan may very well be less expensive than a vacation in NY, Paris or Rome. Tokyo is full of very excellent Hotels, and you can always strike a deal if you know to look in the right places. Good service is a very important part of the Japanese culture, so you're likely to enjoy your stay even if you are on a limited budget. Choosing to stay in a cheap Hotel in Tokyo does not mean that you have to compromise on location. Tokyo's major transportation system is the subway, which connects every point in the huge metropolitan. The Tokyo subway is clean and safe, a real pleasure to use. So as long as you stay in one of the many Tokyo centers (Tokyo is so vast it has a few centers) you are good to go to any of Tokyo Attractions.

By the way - Food in Tokyo can be found at dirt-cheap prices. I don't mean going to the supermarket and cooking for yourself during your vacation - no way! I recommend walking into one of the small traditional Japanese Restaurants that are scattered all over Tokyo, and ordering the traditional Japanese foods the locals eat. Just ask for Ramen (Japanese soup with noodles) or pick from the plastic models presented at the entrance to the Restaurant.

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