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Re: Be The Best English Teacher In Japan
By:Scott Glynn <scottjmglynn@googlemail.com>
In Response To: Be The Best English Teacher In Japan (Nelson Berry)

Many things here go against what I have come to learn about teaching in Japan from experience and talking to others.

The pay is not good and in some places is barely liveable and is getting lower still, one Japanese lady I told about the average rate of pay and she burst out laughing and then stopped apologised and said "I feel bad for you"

English Teaching in Japan I found to be of a very poor standard some are corporate language mills with high fees and poorly planned lessons and over worked parrots..I mean teachers to schools where you are degraded to nothing more than a tape recorder. Many of the teacher are also lacking and are usually inexperienced Amrican College leavers many of whom who have watched too much Anime and pocess the proverbial rose tinted specticles. Those teachers that stay are either stubbourn, have commitments and are "sligtly off", have no options or have an unhealthy obsession with all things Japanese.

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