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By:Brad john

Japanese language is the national language spoken in Japan. This language is spoken by more than 130 million people not only in Japan but in places like Taiwan, Philippines, parts of China, Korea and different parts of the Pacific island which Japan had occupied during and before World War 2. In recent times many other countries have also started learning Japanese as a foreign language. One of the reasons behind this would be their tremendous growth in the IT sector and the level of development which has taken place in Japan.
People mostly get attracted to the script of Japanese language and therefore decide to learn Japanese either as a hobby or as an added language to help grow in their career. Like the other languages of the world when you start studying there are many aspects towards learning Japanese. The most important thing to know about this language is that there are three scripts namely Hiragana, katakana and Kanji which the students have to learn. Japan basically did not have any language of its own. The Japanese adopted the Chinese script and made modification in it to form a separate language of their own.

The script which was taken from China is known as Kanji. Hiragana is the very basic script which was made by making changes in kanji. When we as foreigners start learning Japanese we are first introduced to Hiragana. The next script which we learn is Katakana. Japanese people make use of some words which are not from Japan but are taken from other foreign countries; also our names would be foreign words. At this time when we want to write our names or any other word whose existence is not in Japan we make use of the Katakana script. The third and last script which we study when we learn Japanese is Kanji. Kanji is basically the pictorial script which was taken from China. A kanji has two pronunciations. One of them is the Chinese pronunciation which has been as it is when they were adopted. The second one is the Japanese pronunciation which means that when the kanji was adopted the Japanese people gave their own pronunciation to it.

Apart from the script the other very important aspect to study while we learn Japanese is its grammar. Japanese grammar is very different from English grammar. Like all other languages Japanese language also has verbs, adjective, adverbs, nouns, tenses etc. The Japanese grammar is a little difficult because it has many different forms of verbs and adjectives which you have to study properly and make use of the appropriate form at the right time and place.

Other important things to study while learning Japanese language are the different Japanese greetings. Japanese people are very particular about using the Japanese greeting in their day to day life as well as on special occasions. While speaking Japanese we as foreigners should be very careful about the intonations and pauses. The meaning of a sentence can change drastically if we do not take a pause at the right place and if we do not use the proper intonation.

The Japan government organizes the Japanese language proficiency tests also known as the JLPT exams every year for those who are learning Japanese. The person who passes in the JLPT exams gets a proficiency certificate which is accepted worldwide. There are total 5 levels of the JLPT exams. So for all those who are preparing for the JLPT exams I would like to wish “All The best”.

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