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Tips For Living in Japan
By:James Larkin Smith

When staying in Japan there are many things you can do to make your life there more enjoyable. Here are some things I do and use to deal with the strange weather patterns.

First let's talk about the weather. Japan does have 4 seasons however the intensity of the weather patterns will vary just as it does in American if you live in the north or the south or on the coast or in the mountains. Mostly I will be talking about the urban areas in the area in and around Tokyo.

There is a 6 week long rainy season during which it may rain everyday. Keep a collapsible umbrella with you at all times. If you have to walk for any long distance keep an extra pair of socks in your bag or backpack, also you may want to keep an extra shirt if you sweat a lot. The humidity will keep everything damp so hang your damp clothes in your room and keep the AC on dry. If you sleep on a futon then turn it over and let the bottom dry as well as the tatami under your mat. Try to keep all your bread, crackers, cereal and anything else of that nature in moisture proof containers. The nights can be hot so if you open the windows keep the screens closed or the mosquitoes will eat you alive.

After the rainy season is over the typhoon season will begin so if the weather suddenly becomes very humid and windy listen to the American Forces Network for typhoon warnings. When the typhoon hits stay indoors during the worst parts, this won't be hard to do since all the trains and buses will stop running.

In the winter some apartments and Japanese style houses become very drafty and cold. If your heater is not warm enough you can buy a portable electric heater or a kerosene stove heater.

Spring in Japan is basically the same as it is all over the world however recently many people complain about allergies. There are many good over the counter medicines for these problems.

Finally once you get the hang of things you can go shopping in discount department stores and pick up all kinds of little gadgets and things to fit your own particular needs.

My name is James Smith. I am a retired English teacher in Japan. I am actively involved in online education of all kinds.

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