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Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan
By:Silviu-Florin Salomia

The cherry trees blossom between January and June, depending on every region in Japan, but the most festivals take place between March and Mai. In this time, there are many festivals in different places in the country, so you have every chance of finding one if you decide to participate to these marvelous events.

The most important festival are: Yaedake festival in Motobu city (februaary 16th - January 7th), Matsuyama Shiroyama Koen festival Matsuyama city (April 2nd-4th), Matsue Jozan Koen festival in Matsue (march 27th - April 15th), Tsuyama Kakuzan Koen festival in Tsuyama (start of April), Takato Koshi Koen festival in Takato-machi Ina (April), Takada Koen festival in Joetsu town (April 2nd - 18th), Kitakami Tenshochi festival in Kitakami (April 15th - Mai 5th), Hirosaki Koen festival in Hirosaki (April - Mai) or Matsumae Koen Park festival in Matsumae (April - Mai). These are only the biggest in Japan, with a few hundred trees to tens of thousands cherry trees. There are certainly many other small festivals in every place that these grow.

The cherry blossoms are only the main attraction of these events, while Japanese celebrate through many other activities. Among the most beautiful things that you cannot miss, are the small representations of traditional Japanese music and theatre, the tea ceremony demonstrations or family gatherings to eat under the trees. The celebration does not stop after the day ends, most orchards being lit throughout the night. These are the perfect circumstances to understand a part of the Japanese culture and traditions, which remained unchanged through centuries. The sakura trees, which mean cherry in Japanese, are one of the sacred symbols in Japanese culture. In some of the biggest festivals, you can have the possibility to take chariots in parks or boats on rivers, while being surrounded by falling cherry flowers.

If you want to reach one of the many cherry blossom festivals around Japan, you can find plenty or air flights towards the biggest cities of the island. From here, there are many possibilities to go anywhere in the country, since the transportation system is one of the most modern in the world. The great distance to Japan is worth all the sacrifices in the moment you will discover the true value of Japan. If you want to do something truly special and unique, it is time to start planning your journey in country of the Rising Sun. The cherry blossom festivals will be waiting for you every spring! http://www.pandorajourney.com/

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