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Tokyo Before and Now
By:Julia E. Brown

Behind all the bizarre yet innovative pop culture was a sophisticated era that became the key in Tokyo's development.

It was all thanks to Tokugawa Ieyasu that the Tokyo, then called the City of Edo, flourished into what we see today. Ieyasu extablished the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603 and became the first shogun.

The City of Edo became the center of politics and culture and further developed. During this time, the Emperor resided in Kyoto, the formal capital of Japan. After 260 years during the Meiji Restoration in 1868, the Tokugawa Shogunate ended and the ruling power was given back to the Emperor. The Emperor decided to move to Edo and renamed it Tokyo.

During the Taisho Era in 1912, Tokyo began to develop as the population increase; the quality of education rose and citizens led a consumer lifestyle. The arts such as theater and opera also flourished.

In 1941, the Pacific War broke out and it greatly affected Tokyo. The city's establishments were used for war and defense. Thus, businesses, education and basically the peaceful living were halted and destroyed by chaos.

The war ended in 1945, however the population was cut down in half. In these years, Tokyo strived to recover from the wounds of the war.

During the 1950s, Tokyo raced a rapid economic growth because of the Korean War. Technological advancements were also made in these years such as the mass production of television and refrigerators. In 1964, the famous Bullet Train began its operations and the Metropolitan Expressway was opened. And the development of the city did not stop there.

In 1980, Tokyo experienced a phenomenon called the bubble economy where Tokyo became one of the most active major cities and excels in cutting edge technology, culture, fashion and such. However, the bubble burst in the 1990s because of the sinking tax revenues that endangered the city's finances.

However, they managed to surpass this economic problem and now aim for a greater Tokyo.

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