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Trip to Japan
By:Jack Yang

When traveling internationally, it is essential to plan ahead. Your first mission should be to obtain the necessary paperwork to enter another country. This requires a valid passport. U.S. citizens do not require a visa to enter and stay in Japan for up to ninety days.

It is important to have back-up copies of important documents. You will want a photocopy of your passport, your flight itinerary, and prescriptions. Furthermore, leave copies of these items, as well as credit card numbers and traveler's check numbers with friends or family.

Recently, tickets to Tokyo from San Diego could be found for just under one thousand dollars. There are over two dozen one stop flights between these destinations operating on over fifteen airlines. Since the flight is at least fifteen hours long, it is worth it to pay the extra money for a one stop flight. American Airlines operates the largest carrier on this route, and has all of the standard amenities in coach travel.

Prepare yourself ahead of time for the shocking size and population of Tokyo. It is a massive city, sprawling over a vast area, and filled with millions of people. Think twice the size of New York. It can be overwhelming at first, especially if you try to pack every tourist destination into a tight schedule. A Suica or PASMO fare card, which run around 3000 Yen, allow you access to public transportation and can be purchased at any train station. It is also an extremely expensive city, so prepare you wallet, too.

The best mid-range hotels can be found in the major epicenters of the city. There are a few other options to the traditional three star lodging. You may want to consider a business hotel. These cost around 6000 Yen a night and are quite small. Japan has what is known as love hotels, and there is one particular area of Tokyo, Love Hotel Hill, that offers a myriad of choices. Just be sure to specify that you want to rent by the night, and not simply stop in for a rest.

Travelers usually rave about Shibuya and east Shinjuku, two major train stations. You should also visit the Imperial Palace's gardens. They are open at nine am daily (except for Fridays and Mondays). For the younger generation of travelers, spending a day at Harajuku, where fashion and trendiness abound, is essential. One can also visit a Meiji Jingu shrine. For the first-timer, a trip to Tokyo may be best spent losing oneself in the vastness of the city, exploring the various niches and neighborhoods that give Tokyo a distinct cultural flavor.

You will find amazing gifts. Hello Kitty wares are always popular, as are anime and other comic style items. Visit the Akihabara district for the best electronic devices and deals.

When departing Tokyo, be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to the airport. During peak rush hour times public transportation will be packed. It can take anywhere from 55 minutes on the Narita Express to 120 minutes by hotel bus service to arrive at the airport.

Tokyo is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Even the seasoned world traveler will be astounded with the culture and flare found in this capital city.

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