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Re: Maple English and French School
By:girlygirljordan@yahoo.com <girlygirljordan@yahoo.com>
In Response To: Re: Maple English and French School (Manager)

HI NOBODY what a joke Maple School

Let's get this straight this is not a man................ BUT A WOMAN. But complaints have been made against Maple School not just once. People have ears and eyes and can see what is going on. You are not the only school teachers talk about.

Thank you for your response the fact that you responsed indictates that you are aware you need to defind Maples School. From my observation this is my opinion. Your response shows how desperate you are to maintain a golden reputation which you do not have.

What was written was factual not what your office would say to someone to make yourselves look good, or to get someone to work for you.

This was a note to a other teacher not Maple School. Teachers talk between themselve all the time which you are not privy to. If they want to stay in Japan they hold their tonuges even if the work is so bad they can hardly stand it. That is why it is getting harder for Japan to have english speaking teachers.

How many times has Maple school posted "Teacher of Hirer" Or other school in Japan.

And you are wrong most teacher leave within a year or at the end of there contracts. This statement was not pointed just at Maple school but in general. And some schools are worse than others. No respect for teachers.

You can go on about how you are so great but action speak louder than words.

The true hurts so get over it. Make some changes.

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