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Re: Maple English and French School
In Response To: Re: Maple English and French School (lynn)

I would like to respond to the teacher's message above.

There are 2 sides to every story. In this case, Maple School hired the teacher after he was laid off or fired by a cram school without checking references - unarguably a big mistake. We endorsed his apartment despite the responsibility this entails, paid him advances when necessary, tried to train him when possible - even though he was supposed to have had a one year experience- and tried to conceal all the complaints the students were telling us concerning his teaching and spelling issues.

Regarding pay, all teachers are paid within a week after they submit their hours and expenses for the month. Expenses vary monthly and part-time teachers salaries depend on the hours taught which vary monthly as well. Planned schedules are sometimes modified due to teachers' personal issues, weather difficulties, student cancellations etc... A factual listing of hours and expenses is thus necessary at the end of the month to produce accurate pays. Most teachers write us early and get paid on time.

The list of expenses submitted by the teachers includes the gasoline they used for business. They calculate the amount and submit the request for a refund. The amount is refunded without questions asked 99% of the time. This teacher forgets that he is the one who submitted his gas expense and got paid exactly what he requested. When he asked for more money a few months later saying he noticed his requests for gas refund were insufficient, he was paid RETROACTIVELY everything he asked for except gasoline used for personal reasons.

As opposed to what he says, the vast majority of teachers not only stay one year and respect their contracts, most renew and stay on 2 or 3 years. Currently, all teachers at the school are in their 2nd year or longer and thoroughly enjoying their life in Japan.

In order not stoop to the level of mudslinging the teacher has resorted to, I will refrain from identifying anyone. I just wanted to have the other side of the story heard as well.

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