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Learn Japanese in Japan in Three Economical Ways
By:Kris Risonar

Learning a new language is not easy. Unless you possess the gift to speak different languages, living in a foreign country can be very difficult. For instance, you may want to use the public bathroom but since you don't know what to say, you resort in making weird gestures hoping to be understood.

While body language may seem to be the easiest method of getting people to understand you, it is not the most reliable. You might be thinking of one thing but your actions may speak a different language to the person you are speaking to. As a result, miscommunication happens.

This is why learning a foreign language is necessary if you decide to go abroad especially if that place is Japan. Because not many people can speak English in Japan especially in rural areas like Ibaraki, it is a must for foreigners to try and learn the Japanese language.

If you think learning Japanese is an expensive undertaking, think again. There are economical ways of learning the language especially if you are already in the place.

Firstly, join a free Japanese language class at the city hall nearest you. Classes are free because these are conducted by volunteer Japanese teachers. To join, just show the Japanese staff your passport and ask for some English assistance. They usually have one staff who knows how to speak English. Tell him you are interested in joining the free Japanese class. He will present you with options regarding the schedule of classes.

Secondly, enroll in a Kumon Japanese Language Class nearest you. If there is none, ask them to send you a brochure online. Their brochure will help you understand the Kumon method of learning the language and some of the questions you may have in mind about their classes.

Lastly, teach yourself the language with an audio book for learning Japanese. It might take a while to learn the language especially if there is no one to teach you, so patience is vital. A good ear for listening and frequent repetitions will help. Practice is after all the key to success.

Learning a new language therefore does not have to be expensive. It just requires a little research. Look around you. There may be other ways where you can learn Japanese without spending too much money.

Learn Japanese in Japan in Three Economical Ways
Kris Risonar

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