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Re: Maple English and French School
In Response To: Maple English and French School (Cashew)

You never get paid on time and they pay you (suppose to pay you) the 15th of every month but more like the 20th or so with a lot of calling (e-mails) . Also think about it you get paid around the 20th you have already worked 6 weeks and have not gotten paid. The support stinks. The owner is in Canada and leaves his office to do paychecks but he has to approve it but he is the one who gives you your schedule for the month he already knows how much he has to pay you it is a no brainer. But you are stuck with rent food gas everything so if you do go make sure you have a lot I mean a lot of extra money. Your contract is general so make changes if you can make sure your hourly wage is in there if your part time or full time. Also you have to pay for your gas back and forth to classes out of your pocket. Driving in Japan is long and time consumming. 30 miles can take you 2 hours but you only get paid for the 30 miles you used up a half a tank on gas. Gas is by the litter right now it's 2.60 per x 3.2 in a gallon I beleive. Getting paid every 6 weeks or so that adds up. Remember Japan is sooooooooo expensive do not take this lightly.
Working in Japan is hard not just on your mentally but physically most do not make it to a year.
Oh they can fire you for your students leaving not even your fault, most english schools treat there teachers like shit. Also stay away from YES thats another one that offer the world and gives you pain.

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