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Learning To Speak Japanese In Japan Guide
By:John J Thompson

If your learning to speak Japanese in japan then you have a chance to learn from the best right? Thats possible, but whats more important to learning Japanese is how you learn it. In the end of this article you can get a detailed guide on that, but for now lets go over some of the more basic phrases in Japanese.

Ok lets just take a look at some of the most basic greetings that you can do while learning to speak Japanese in japan. We will get into more detail on the more advanced learning soon. But for now lets start simple.

How do you say "good morning" in Japanese? Ohayo gozaimasu is how you say good morning in Japanese. Looks a bit daunting right? I know, this can be a hard language to learn at first and thats why its so important to have a good guide or teacher who can teach you.

Ok now I'm going to list 10 common phrases that you will need to know in Japanese below:

hayo gozaimasu - Good morning

Konichiwa - Good afternoon

Konbanwa - Good evening

Shitsurei shimasu - I'm sorry (for doing that.)

Sayonara - Good bye

Onegai shimasu - Please

Ostukaresama deshita - You must be tired

Arigatou gozaimasu - Thank you

Sayonara - Good bye

Now, these are the most basic terms in Japanese, but you should start learning them first! Rome was not built overnight thats for sure, so please understand these terms first. If learning to speak Japanese in Japan then these terms are needed just to survive! If you want a full detailed guide you can check out my bio box below. I hope this short article has helped you and I wish you good luck!

John is a self proclaimed Language Enthusiast. You can get a detailed step by step guide that shows you the quickest way to learn Japanese at his site http://www.learnjapaneseeasily.com and why Learning To Speak Japanese In Japan is easy to do!

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