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Japanese You Can Do Without?
By:Peter Galante

Learn Japanese easily! Your Japanese is coming along great, so keep up the good work. You're ready to tell your friends, "I've been learning Japanese rapidly online without missing a single great article!" Consider the way that sentence is constructed and how often you say things that are similar. For instance, "I've been working hard without taking a break," and "she's been talking for hours without listening to a word I said." This type of sentence is obviously extremely important. Learn how to say it in Japanese and everyone will notice how much your Japanese has improved. That's why this Beginner Japanese article is a must read. It shows you how to use sentences formed as "do [clause 1] without doing [clause 2]." The possibilities for what you'll learn in this article are endless. As a bonus, learn vocabulary words such as sakki ("some time ago"), meeru ("e-mail"), and many others that you won't know how you did without. This Beginner Japanese article helps you improve your Japanese the easy, fun way!

Vocabulary: In this article, you'll learn the following words and phrases:


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